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Technically Speaking........

Would you like to see a Technical Section in the Macan Register?

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Lancerlot PCGB Member
2020/05/11 09:26:15 (permalink)

Technically Speaking........

Macan launched in 2014 and quickly became Porsche's most popular and best selling model in the range.
Over the period Macan Register members have discussed topics many and varied - including specifavtions,  DIY and service projects, accessories, tricks, tips, issues and opinions. So I am thinking maybe now would be a good time to bring all these together under one heading where they can be found and selected at a glance. 
I'm thinking a new "Members Only Technical Section" would be the way to go and I am floating the idea here first to see if there is sufficient support, in which case I will approach the "Powers That Be" to get one set one up for us.
I spent a little time over the weekend reviewing old posts right back to the start of the forum and picked out some of the main topics and these are listed below - other suggestions are welcomed.
Please let me know what you think and if favourable we'll try to get something moving:-
  1. 1.2 model r. camera improvements
  2. 3 ways to lock your Macan    
  3. ACC/PAS unavailable W/L    
  4. ATF Fluid change                 
  5. Auto tailgate operation     
  6. CEL Mystery                         
  7. Curing brake squeal           
  8. Curing PDK jerk?                 
  9. Diesel buying tips               
  10. Dog crate                              
  11. Engine failure                      
  12. Engine rattle                        
  13. Headlights Abroad             
  14. Iron or PCC Brakes?           
  15.  Laying up your Macan                 https:/
  16. Low oil pressure                 
  17. Managing your wipers       
  18. Oil change cost                    
  19. Online manual                    
  20. Petrol or Diesel                   
  21. PCM 3.1 Carplay ugrade                  
  22. Puncture repair                   
  23. Rear bumper removal       
  24. Rear Bumper protector     
  25. Refixing rear blade             
  26. Replacing front brakes      
  27. Retaining key settings        
  28. Seat specifications explained    
  29. Smoker’s package explained     
  30. Skipping rear wiper            
  31. Summertime clock setup    
  32. Superclean                           
  33. Ten quid tweek                   
  34. Transfer Box Issue              
  35. Using HOLD in traffic          
  36. Water in battery tray         
  37. Water in cabin                     
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The older I get - the faster I was!
Past - 924T, '911 SC, 911 C, 911 C2, 964, 996, 996TT, 997TT, 997GT2, 430 Scuderia, 997TT, 997TTS, 991.2TTS. Current -Macan S.

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g7 tar
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Re: Technically Speaking........ 2020/05/12 15:50:26 (permalink)
Hi Clive hope you and your Family are well, you have certainly been occupied by the index of faults and failures of the Macan. First impression very good and informative please carry on 👍.
A little up date on our Diesel Macan at start of  lockdown the car has developed a fault? With a number of fault lights up  Consisting  of ABS,Four wheel drive reverting to rear wheel drive only and the electric parking brake showing fault and the car feeling unpredictable we were glad when we received a phone call from Porsche Centre yesterday willing to help out now they are operating soon.
So I am lead to believe that it’s a ABS fault, so all 4 sensors will be fitted, plus it will have a DME software update ( number 3) 2 rear tyres ( Mileage 38k) plus door speaker. Timing chain starting to rattling again because the Mobile oil In my opinion breaks down around 10k , but I will mention this to them again to see if there is a issue.
A Second Transfer box was fitted at 46k and now we are 64k I am all ears waiting what could be next? 
But all said and done we do enjoy the car and it always makes us smile .
with regards Sid and Sue.

s ingleton
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Lancerlot PCGB Member
Re: Technically Speaking........ 2020/05/15 09:47:17 (permalink)
Hi Sue and Sid,
So sorry to hear you're having yet more troubles - you certainly seem to have been unlucky so far.
By contrast, our Macan SD has been ultra-reliable with the only fault I can recall, being a CEL/limp-mode on M5 just before Bristol. Bristol PC checked it - no fault was found - it seemed to correct itself and we were on our way again. Exeter thought it might have been particulate filter regeneration glitch, but it hasn't reoccurred - (famous last words maybe?? )
Response to the Technical Section has been somewhat underwhelming, but we've decided to go ahead anyway with a new "Members Only" corner containing "Technically Speaking.." and "FAQ's" sections. Here those with membership privileges can access useful information and see what others are saying about their cars.
We hope members will find this new facility useful and refer to it regularly, since new topics will continually be added.

The older I get - the faster I was!
Past - 924T, '911 SC, 911 C, 911 C2, 964, 996, 996TT, 997TT, 997GT2, 430 Scuderia, 997TT, 997TTS, 991.2TTS. Current -Macan S.
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