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Less than five years since the Mission E concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche’s first fully electric car has arrived in UK showrooms, ushering in a new era for us all.
The much-anticipated and equally hyped Taycan is a mighty and complex proposition, and also, ultimately, a miraculous one. If you were holding your breath, perhaps have been since September 2015, you can let it out now with a sizeable sigh of relief.
Since it launched officially late last year, the Taycan has been gaining plaudits around the world, winning gongs left, right and centre. By using the 800-volt energy system developed for the 919 Hybrid programme, the Taycan promises unprecedented levels of repeatable performance and class-leading fast charging.
The Taycan is a whisker under five metres long and two metres wide, so it’s not a small car by any standard, but it does come up smaller than the Panamera. With a lower roof line and reduced frontal area made possible by the absence of a bulky combustion engine, there’s also a decidedly sportier stance to it.
Inside, it’s a similar success. There’s enough room in the rear for adult passengers, albeit only just, but up front you’re transported into a new world: distinctly Porsche, but perhaps Porsche 20 years hence. You sit sports car low in the Taycan, surrounded by a pared-back PCM with haptic controls and that jewel-like floating instrument binnacle.
The Taycan breaks new ground with innovation, while staying true to core Porsche principles such as engineering integrity, driver involvement and daily usability. It’s the first of a new generation of cars from Zuffenhausen governed by different limitations and expectations. As an EV, there is nothing on the market to touch it.



  • Paul Tomlinson

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