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31 Oct 2016

Photos by Ed Pike

Ace Cafe October 2016

News from the October Ace Cafe meet

The first of the dark Ace Cafe evenings, with the fireworks of Diwali lighting up the skies the café was showing signs of a Halloween theme. The car park soon filled with Porsches, much to the surprise and consternation of the film crew who were overrunning the filming of an American reality show called ‘Lizard Lick Towing’, using Ace Cafe as their backdrop.

Known for its angry moments, it is tough to storm off in your truck when there is a queue of Porsches blocking your way, waiting to park up for the regular Porsche night. We had the usual eclectic range and nicest of all was not one, not two, but three 914s. The 964s of the W9O were out in force, which is good to see. The GT cars were well represented with Adam, Larry and Chris M's 991 GT3s and RS on display.

Photos from the October meet at Ace Cafe

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