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Stuttgart and Frankfurt September 2019 Gallery

We love to hear what our members have been up to with their Porsches

Stuttgart and Frankfurt 15th – 21st September 2019

R3 member David Bradford has kindly shared his experiences of his recent road trip with 5 Porsche friends, travelling in 4 Porsches over 7 days and 1,950 miles:
Day 1 – Headed south for our Eurotunnel crossing and on to Arras for the night with the cars safely parked in the hotel internal courtyard.
Day 2 – Departed for Reims - or actually Gueux, where the old French GP pit building and Grandstands straddle the main road. We spent a couple of hours soaking up the atmosphere and taking plenty of pics and footage, before heading on to Epernay in the Champagne region for lunch, before a long drive to Stuttgart..
Day 3 - A short drive to Zuffenhausen from the city centre, we approached the museum with the tri-911 sculpture ahead of us. We parked up on the foyer in front of the museum and enjoyed our organised museum tour - with the 917 50th anniversary being particularly interesting. Our guide got us into the museum workshop, where we saw the original Berg Spyder, and the 80’s Panamericana “Dune buggy”. On with the tour, and we got to sit in the Carrera GT, and a look inside the 919 Tribute derestricted monster. Our guide was also our guide for the factory, and although I’d done this twice before, I will never tire of the “kid in a sweet shop” like experience, we saw a 911 Speedster having it’s rear deck lid installed. Whilst parking up in front of the museum all day was pretty cool, what I hadn’t appreciated was just how much interest our cars would attract from other museum/factory visitors who had travelled from around the globe. We left Stuttgart for Frankfurt, another couple of hours on autobahns and a chance to open up the cars, well beyond legal UK speeds!!
Day 4 - I’ve been attending the Frankfurt Motor Show every 2 years since 2009, but this year’s show was a huge let down. A sign of the times within the motor industry, as manufacturers downscale their huge budgets spent on the stands. Leaving another big city, it was time for a change of tempo, and we headed across to Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel river.
Day 5 - A leisurely breakfast overlooking the river, and we elected to take the scenic route along the river and head for the Nurburgring. Our day didn’t go to plan, but eventually we took our very long drive up to Bruges.
Day 6 - Some sightseeing in Bruges, including a climb up the Belfort to take in the amazing views, and before heading to Calais and Eurotunnel.
Day 7 – After an overnight stay in Sevenoaks, we hit the M25 and on to Warwickshire and somewhere a few of us had always wanted to drop into - Caffeine and Machine - well we had to stop for lunch somewhere!
7 days of glorious sunshine, fantastic scenery, roads, awesome cars and above all, great company.

Stuttgart and Frankfurt September 2019 gallery contains 8 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from November 2019

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