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R3 Ladies Afternoon Tea August 2017 Gallery

A chance for the R3 ladies to socialise & get to know each other better, giving their ‘chauffeurs’ a chance to get out and drive.

R3 Ladies Afternoon Tea 12th August 2017

Beamish Hall provided the afternoon tea (and prosecco) for the ladies while the fellas headed out for a drive, stopping for a tea and coffee break in Allendale. The plan was to travel scenic sweeping roads but much of the run was hampered by rain, though it certainly didn't dampen any spirits as the usual R3 banter flowed in the Allendale Tearooms, as, it seemed, it did back at Beamish Hall with the ladies too.

R3 Ladies Afternoon Tea August 2017 gallery contains 11 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from January 2018

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