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High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

Hello. This is my first posting on this forum, but unfortunately it is not a happy one. I purchased my first 911 earlier this year, a 2015 991 gen 1. Within the space of literally 2 months, the high pressure fuel pump has failed twice. On both occasions, part was replaced under warranty as the car was approved used from an OPC. I was told by 2 different OPCs (as the second failure happened when I was travelling) that it was an internal failure within the part itself. That a brand new part from Porsche, installed by an OPC should fail again within the space of 2 months is very disappointing to say the least. I'm wondering if this is a known issue with this model or if anyone else has had similar issues, or am I just exceedingly unlucky? Should I be concerned that there is some other root cause of the failure, or that the failure could have caused further damage to the engine? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Welcome to the forum, Iain.
I had an HP fail on my 997.2 turbo in it's early days. I seem to recall that was a design problem and it's been fine ever since. I haven't heard of HP pump problems since. Very odd that you've had two go in such a short time. Would make you think there is another cause but can't think what that might be. Maybe a diagnostic check will throw up something?
Hi Iain,
Welcome to the UNRELIABLE car club.
Probably going to be flamed for that lol.
Yes the fuel pump is a known weak part. There are several revisions of the pump each being better designed and (hopefully) more reliable than the prior.
Though you have been very unlucky to have two fail. Perhaps you received an older revision. As I understand, the low pressure side of the pump fails.
I doubt the car will have suffered any damage due to the failure. So many computers monitoring everything.

Next on the list to fail:
Coolant System solenoid diverters. There are six I think. New ones have a revised connector.
Active engine mount(s) if you have them. They suffer from water ingress into the electric connector.
PSE exhaust valves. Most indies will inspect and lube these at service. OPC probably won't!!!
PCM3.1 Overheating / Screen Issues / etc.
Other issues are in common with all cars.

For years owners have suggested keeping £2 - 3000 in reserve for such unexpected costs.

Another flaming... I am not a fan of the OPC warranty. Hopefully you have a supportive dealer as with most warranty companies they will try and avoid paying claims. This is my experience, others swear by OPC warranty.

Good luck and fingers crossed you have many many years of happy trouble free motoring.
Hey - looks like we might have a similar problem

Picked my 991.1 GTS (2015, 7k miles only!) car up on Friday. Went into OPC Reading yesterday for 6 year minor service, and diagnostic is saying the High Pressure Fuel Pump needs replacing (£2k).

Getting a second opinion today, cannot believe a car with such low mileage can suffer such a failure.

Did you get yours sorted?

If you’ve only just purchased the car I think that you should go back to the seller to get them to fix the problem … assuming that it was from a dealer and not a private sale. Someone with a legal background should be able to advise you about the responsibilities of the seller since presumably the problem existed at the point of sale?

Good luck!

The high pressure fuel pump has failed on my 997.2 The pumps (9A111031507) are Porsche only, so I ordered a new pump. Five weeks later my local OPC still cant even give me a delivery date :(
Has anyone else had to replace a high pressure fuel pump recently ? If so how long did you have to wait for delivery ?
Unfortunately you’re not alone Nick. Here’s a recent post on the Boxster forum complaining about the current shortage of HPFPs, and there’s a similar one on the 997 forum too:

It seems to be a bit of a lottery as to whether or not you can get a pump, but hope you have better luck than other members.


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