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Well after a visit to the opc with the best and sensible intentions this is what we finished up with!, the plan was to put an order in for gts 4 for later in 2015,but having looked at the pricing to match our 4s with powerkit, well it was too tempting not to look at this epic machine. After a road test we were completely blown away by the performance,so after a long haggle. 991 turbo S, Sapphire blue,Platinum interior. Sports wheel retro fit by dealer Porsche active cruise control Full led PDLS plus lights CD changer with DAB and tv tuner on line services option leather centre console and upper dash heated seats rear wiper The car has been detailed by He used a new product ( to me at least) Gyeonquartz after machine polishing,body and wheels i think the results speak for themselves,stunning!.
I cannot speak too highly of the dealer OPC Tewkesbury. Leon Vitti and his team,more pics on collection.
So hoping for a great 2015 with fellow friends in PCGB 991997 register. Lyn and John
Absolutely stunning, John. Looking forward to seeing the motor on the Cotswolds Tour. Oh, and you and Lyn, of course [:D]
Very nice indeed. [:)] In the end John you know it made sense and Blue very much the colour for the discerning motorist these days it seems. [;)] Mind you you might have to buy an extra large collapsible bucket to clean those fat rear wheel arches. As Peter says it will be good to see it on the Cotswolds Tour, after which it should be nicely run in for the Euro Trip.
So the power of the Turbo finally caught you up then John [:D] Looks stunning in the blue... Drew used the same product on my car and I have been very pleased with the results, which have lasted well, but now maybe time for a top up.. Like you I was very happy with his services. I look forward to seeing the motor out on the road.
Thanks for the kind comments, yes Gary I can see what the fuss was all about, it is a very impressive bit of kit[8D]
Fab colour, was my original choice till vetoed by SWMBO Lovely and ever so slightly quick.....
Thanks Tom, I am in the clear on that, her indoors loves blue never liked white [:D] and yes scary quick[8D]
Looks the Biz- there'll be no holding you back now John, but will you miss the sports exhaust? Better stay behind me sometime for a treat!! [:D] Look forward to seeing you both and the car soon. Mike --------------------------------------- 2014 991 GT3 Guards Red 2014 Macan S Diesel White
Thanks Mike I will take you up on that, I will miss the exhaust note but there are loads of other noises going on, pops and whooshing from the wastegate, plus noises from the passenger seat[:-]
John Very nice love the colour, I was addicted to the power in mine and yours is quicker but it still does not do it for me as far as the driving experience is concerned. I know its horses for courses but I would have gone the other way if it had been possible I would have traded down to a GT4 and paid off the mortgage and kept swsbo happy. I love the spec of the GT4 the price is right to do track days without being concerned etc etc. However the Turbo S is one very special car and I know you love PDK the whole package I think will be as good as it gets and I will have to be happy at following. Well done great car.
Thank for your kind comments Geoff[:)] I know having been in your car what the attraction is and how much you enjoy the experience, but I knew if I had gone for a straight replacement the itch would have still been there[8D] I can see the attraction of the gt4 as a 'analogue' or as near as a modern Porsche can be, but its not for us at the moment, it must be an age thing[:(]
For me the GT4 is how I wanted the 991 Turbo to look, had it been then I would have stayed with the marque... The GT4 really has it right in my eyes- I've even been to the configurator [:D] but as mentioned -sold out.
ORIGINAL: garyw For me the GT4 is how I wanted the 991 Turbo to look, had it been then I would have stayed with the marque... The GT4 really has it right in my eyes- I've even been to the configurator [:D] but as mentioned -sold out.
ORIGINAL: geoff lane Have to agree Gary
Far be it from me to take issue with 997 Aristocracy but to my mind the GT4 and 991 turbo are completely different cars that at first glance look very similar. For sure there are plenty of detail differences but from a quick glance at photos I find it hard to tell them apart. In the metal it might be a different matter. However, the key differentiator is the packaging and the 2+2 space of the 911 provides a practicality that few comparable cars can match. That having been said it may well be that the GT4 is a better design. "Why no rear wheel steer?" . Doesn't need it! Anyway Geoff I will be pleased to have px ride in yours; and Caroline must be delighted to be getting a new kitchen at long last[;)]
Sorry I do not get it!, speaking from the prospective of somebody who has owned two Caymen S and driven the R version, the gulf between the two cars is massive, don, t get me wrong the Cayman chassis and weight distribution is superior to the 991, the latest Boxster gts is a stunner, but there lies the issue, no matter how its dressed up its a Boxster with a hardtop[;)], but a 991 rival , in photo, s prehaps[:(] The 991 in all its forms fits a different market, a grand tourer in turbo form, track focused in GT3 form, more cabin space and better trim levels etc, which is what you would expect for the extra cash. The Gt4 I see as a replacement to the R, a fine car very quick, but always a question mark on power. We all buy cars to suit our needs and personality, which makes life more interesting[:)]
What is all the fuss about ?, 911 owners worried ? what for ?. Lots of people would never buy a Cayman!, no matter how good it was, just because it is not the world famous Porsche pinnacle 911 and believe me, I'm not knocking it, in any shape or form, for what ever reason you own one. Lot's of owners or potential owners are discussing which way to go, 997 GT3-1 or Cayman GT4, it is a thought that passed through my mind, but I fancy the Cayman's mid engine . The GT4 is not and I don't believe that Porsche had any comprehension of competing with the 911 ( after all that's their big cash cow and history ), if they had, they would not have detuned the 991 S engine that is fitted down to 385, they could easily have put this engine in with a power kit at 430 BHP. Last year when my 991 4S was in the OPC lent me a Cayman S, and to be honest I was amazed with it's overall package, this set my mind thinking about the possibility of ordering one. Why didn't I ?, well for one I like the 997 /991 registers with all the people, the like mindedness etc. ( you all know what I mean ) and just didn't want to give that up. When the rumours started last year regarding the GT4, I couldn't resist it and following a few days of pondering gave a LOI followed by a deposit to my local OPC. On Wednesday, when the car was officially announced I was gobsmacked and so disappointed that PDK was unavailable that I had to give it some serious thought but it looks a stunning car and as I will be keeping my 4S it should give me the best of both worlds. Specification, if I manage to get one Yellow Buckets PCCB Sat Nav AC Plus a few other bit's, what I have not ordered is cage, heated seats or cruise control.

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