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This is the place to feature you and your car. Let us know a bit about your Porsche owning journey - long and involved or short and just arrived! We're all interested in each other's cars and experiences so feel free to play along.

So, in time honoured fashion, here's mine.

First bought a Porsche in 1983, a 924 in Minerva Blue. There followed a gold(!)944, my first Guards Red car, a 944S followed by another Guards Red 964, my first new 911.
Since then there's been an Arctic Silver 993, Lapis Blue 996, and then a run of Guards Red again, 997.1 C2S, 997.2 C2S and the current 991 C2S.

Additionally there's been a Boxster, Boxster S, Cayenne S Gen1 and Gen 2 and the current model with the V6 Diesel.

Here's a few pictures from the archive of my 991 starting with delivery from Dick Lovett Swindon, who've proved to be an excellent OPC as we are new to this area in North Wiltshire and this was my first car bought from them.

Ready for collection, one of the early cars, March 2012



it was a miserable day as I remember


Then given a full G Techniq treatment which it wears to this day



and featured in the Evolution display at the Silverstone 50th Anniversary event


so please add your pride and joy below for us to enjoy
Good idea Peter. Here we go with a potted history Driving a 2.4 911E in the summer of 1975 was where my interest in the marquee was catalysed. However working overseas meant it was not until 1990 that I became reacquainted, this time in a 930. From that point on, in order of year of manufacture of car, I have had variously 3.2 Carrera; 964RS; 968CS; 993 C2; 996 C4, Turbo, GT3 Mk II; 997 C2S, Gen 1 turbo, GT2, Gen 2 turbo, turbo S; 991 C2S, turbo S Favourite having regard to time and place? Probably 993 C2. These days I mainly deal with OPC Silverstone where I find Robin Simpson and his team excellent guys to do business with. Here are a few photos of the current car, which after a distinctly lukewarm start I have to say I am now warming to. Pick up at OPC Silverstone on 1st March
Colour choice is a less than adventurous Agate which follow my previous preferences for Meteor and Slate
Interior colour may be a bit marmite for some but I think it works surprisingly well and for me was a brave choice!
Putting on a bit of weight at the rear, like its owner [;)]
Fab colour choice- was my first pick on the configurator and looked great in the metal n France.
Here's mine - arrived just a few days before the Brands Hatch Festival.
A round trip from Cheshire to BH plus a visit to my parents in North Wales meant that the first 1000 miles was soon dealt with and the gentle 'breaking in' period accomplished! A 'Cambrian Tour' with R5 in October around mid-Wales and an opportunity to play on a (narrow) karting track followed
On track at GYG Kart Track - thanks to Natalie for the pics!
Here is the new toy picked up Friday. Previous cars 986 Boxster S, 987 Boxster S - both great cars, a C2S Power kit 997.1 reinvented as the Beast - What a car, then a beautiful Ice Blue 997.2 Turbo S Now this - couple of gentle run outs over the weekend to run t in/get used to it. It fabulous. All that stuff about no feedback through the steering wheel is absolute ****ks
Congratulations Tom. That colour really does set the car off. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh and hearing your impressions. [;)] Regards, Clive.
Congratulations. Looks the business, brooding in the corner of your garage . It is your garage isn't it Tom?
Looking good Tom.[:)] I will be interested to hear your views coming as you have more or less straight from a 997TS which should make it easier to compare like with like. For me there was an intervening period on 991 C2S ownership which due to advancing years meant my recollections of the 997TS were a bit on the hazy side.
ORIGINAL: pwebb Congratulations. Looks the business, brooding in the corner of your garage . It is your garage isn't it Tom?
Dealer "reveal area" I am afraid, my Garage is not that big. It I however sitting brooding in my garage now..........
I've owned a number of cars since passing my test in 1971 and this 991 C2 PDK is my first Porsche, bought new last January it's been absolutely brilliant in terms of versatility for touring, performance and just plain old having fun however now the itch has been scratched I decided to make a change with a new GTS arriving in December. 26 January 2013, the day after delivery
And in June 2013 at the top of the Grimsel Pass in Switzerland after my son (the poser) had driven it up there
October 2014 after 14000 miles and a few driving tours she still looks and drives the same but now has a nicer front spoiler
Lovely pics of your car Adrian, always looks crisp in them. At least with the new GTS coming in GT Silver the neighbours will never guess you've spent the kids inheritance (again)
I'm a serial offender when it comes to spending the kids inheritance, 24 cars since 1971 as well as 7 company cars before I opted out for the cash instead.
Adrian Great Car and Great photo's Thanks to everyone as well for their kind comments on the new beast......

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