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991.2 - Turbocharger Replacement (Smoke)


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I’d like to say long time observer, first time poster - but I’ve just recently joined after owenership of my 991.2 GTS after just less than a week from a main Porsche Dealer.

I must say, the service - both technical and customer service has been incredible. the whole experience of picking the car up, out of this world.

Before I continue, I am incredibly happy with my car, having come from an M140, the only way I can describe the 991 is that it isn’t clinical and has some kind of soul! Anyway, enough of the gush, it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.

On an early morning, that was fairly dry I managed to put some boost through the turbo and change gears approaching 7000 a couple of times before I ran out of speed limit. Then approaching a roundabout carefully shifting down where the RPM wouldn’t exceed 5000rpm on downshifts. Third, down to second closing on the roundabout - huge plume of smoke out the back.

Ok gauges all good, oil press ok, around 3.5 bar reducing down to normal 2 bar, oil temp was of course 95 degrees (I always ensure up to temp before going above 2000rpm). I did a 180 to take a photo of the evidence for the dealer and then did a couple of runs to put my mind at rest. It performed absolutely fine. As it was dark it looked like a grey cloud.

I got to work, shut down and then cold started 5 hours later to blue smoke - which I was suspecting oil pooling in the turbo somewhere, or cylinders.

So I logged it with Porsche. They stated they found one of the turbochargers has failed and will be replaced. Good end result, the other one apparently is ok and they can’t change as a precaution, which I understand.

Anyone else had to replace their turbochargers?

its done 31,000 miles
I had what sounds like a similar problem on my 991.2 base model. Both turbos, plus piping needed replacing. For me it happened on start up, and there followed a recovery to Tewkesbury OPC, who did the necessary.

It did not seem a unique event, and you will find discussions here, on Pistonheads and Rennlist. Fortunately it was covered by the warranty, but it did take a while to do, as they did one side and then the other (possibly as a precaution?). The bill would have been around £16k then, and I suspect a fair bit more now.

Good luck with things.
Tim and I have discussed this as the same happened to me on the 60th anniversary factory trip. I was in Belgium at the time. No smoke, but the oil level warning light came on and after a careful top-up the warning light was on again after a few miles. Excellent service from my insurers who had the car transported back to my OPC Porsche South Lakes who, as ever, did a fantastic job. Offside turbo replaced and much of the plumbing, all under warranty. As with you only one turbo needed replacing. No problems at all since. This all happened at about 20,000 miles. Mine is a 991.2 C4GTS which I've had from new.

I wrote to Oliver Blume as Chairman of the Porsche Board of Management about the level of customer service I received in Belgium and Germany. I received a holding reply in early December since when I have heard nothing.


I bought a 991.2 GTS last year and have also had to have one of the turbos replaced, fortunately under warranty!
It was a slight oil leak to the turbo.
Number one tip, get the warranty!!
Hi all,

Also new to Porsche. I got a 991.2 C2S a few weeks ago.
I did a c800 miles trip with normal driving, it used about 0.5L.
I then did under 100 miles on a track day driving it as you do on track - on the way home the oil warning came on so I stopped at Halfords and put in some Mobile1. It took 1.5L to get back to where it was at the start of the day (oil level checked the night before when it was hot). That's a lot of oil for less than 100 miles??

I've not had any smoke at start up or any other times that I've noticed. Could this be the start of the same issue? Or is this relatively normal?
Not OPC but a Porsche specialist with their warranty.
Turbocharger problems are quite rare nowadays, so you needn't worry unduly.

A vehicle used for repeated short trips may not show an appreciable drop in oil level for long periods due to the oil becoming diluted with fuel and moisture. But, when driving at high speed and increasing heat levels such as track days, these diluting ingredients evaporate making oil consumption then appear excessive. Boxer engines with their horizontal cylinders tend to burn a little oil on start up anyway due to slight gravitational leakage.

Porsche suggest up to 1 litre per 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) is normal, although in my experience, this is on the high side and you should get better consumption than this. Oil viscosity also has a bearing on consumption.

The oil level should be checked regularly, so I have a habit of checking this whenever I'm on a petrol forecourt for refuelling. 1 graduation is about 0.4 of a litre and from lower to upper graduation is around 1.25 litres. Be careful not to overfill! :rolleyes: [:)]


Porsche currently have my car for 2 weeks while I’m on a work trip, which they were pleased about as they wanted it for a week to get the job done, assuming they’re doing it in between jobs.

I’m not sure on the book figure of work required.
Mine took about a month, but that was partly because they did one side, then the other, and partly because I was on holiday during the period and did not need the car.
Happened to my 2017 991.2 C2S last month, pretty much identical to what you have described. I had blue/white smoke on start up for a few weeks then a third gear hard pull lots of smoke and a litre of oil missing! Porsche collected and replaced both turbos, lines etc.

Very common.
It took a week to sort - complete removal of the engine, and all the attendant cleaning out of the relevant plumbing. Seal failure on the input shaft of the offside turbo seemed to be the cause.

Hi Folks,

Would be very helpful to know members approximate mileage for turbo problems.
Have 2 x 991.2 2018 C4 GTS's in the family, both low milage (3k and 8k).
No issues yet apart from both needing new water pumps.


Hi Paul
Turbo problem at just over 20,000 miles. I too needed a replacement water pump at 17,000 miles.
Thanks David,

Good to know, and worth every penny to have the OPC warranty in place, just in case.
Other than the water pump and turbo issues, the 991.2 model seems to be pretty reliable. Or
did I speak too soon!

My mileage was just under 20k. My understanding was that the problem was the oil seals leading to oil in the turbo(s), but I am not sure whether the problem was there or "upstream”.
Mine was at 53k miles.
The specialist I got it from said it was one of the turbo shaft seals.
Their warranty company said 'wear and tear' and wouldn't cover it so the garage covered the cost and replaced both turbos.
From what I've read if it's a Porsche warranty they just replace
andystellaartois said:
Mine was at 53k miles.
The specialist I got it from said it was one of the turbo shaft seals.
Their warranty company said 'wear and tear' and wouldn't cover it so the garage covered the cost and replaced both turbos.
From what I've read if it's a Porsche warranty they just replace
Thanks, deffo rebuildable then. Still not cheap and a pita if it happens though.

I was hoping the Porsche ownership paranoia wouldn't have any fuel this time around (my last car was from the bore scoring era and i talked myself into selling a perfectly reliable car JIC). Clearly not [:D]

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