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911 911.1 Purchase dilemma please help!

Thanks Neil - look forward to further updates and some pics. Just in time for spring & summer….enjoy!

Like you I’m convinced the Gen 1 GTS is the right option. I take my 993 to Northway Porsche and spoke to the guys there. On balance they advised the Gen 1 too.

The challenge is finding the right car/spec at the right price. Your experience with the OPC is interesting. The only advantage I see to purchasing from an OPC (other than them having the car you want) is the inclusive OPC warranty (3 years ?) which is what, £3 grands worth?
However, I guess my question to the forum is whether from experience a warranty is necessary, or are you better off bagging a cheaper car from an indie and saving the cash for repairs along the way?

Would be interested in what your thoughts/decision is on this?

All the best.

Additional warranty is all down to your appetite for risk I suppose, had several cars without warranty & one required a £1800 repair (faulty injector).
Also take take into account annual mileage and the type of driving you do. There are horror stories out there about issues that have happened with vehicles & these owners would have been glad if they had warranty cover. Two things to balance out with, on the one hand these horror stories in reality with the number of Porsches out there are really few & far between and on the other hand if does go wrong with your pride & joy the repair bill can spiral into some hefty numbers quite quickly.

If its peace of mind you need whilst you enjoy your pride & joy take the warranty, if your loaded or like living life on the edge, don't bother with it.


p.s. I'm not loaded LoL
Thanks Steve, very sound advise. I’m generally risk adverse, but typically low (ish) mileage and not loaded! ??….hence the dilemma.

Are OPC or Indie warranties still valid if the car is used for track days?

I guess I’ll see where I find what I’m looking for and see what it comes with.

When buying an Approved Used car from an OPC it comes with a two year warranty and very good Europe wide breakdown and assistance cover. It’s worth about £2000 but remember that’s for two years so ‘only‘ £1000/year. Personally I like having the peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong it’ll be covered. If something does go wrong on the more modern cars it can get very expensive very quickly. eg. Both PADM units went wrong in my previous car, a 981 BGTS, and that’s £2000 right there!??
Idon’t think there is any restrictions or conditions regarding track day use.
In Feb 2021 I purchased from OPC a 991.1 GTS (2015) with 2 year extended warranty, after a lot of research and soul searching. The Turbo's are great cars but you run out of road pretty fast especially in a Turbo S!
What I like about the GTS is that with 430HP and being aspirated, it is fast enough and a truly great sound when the engine is pushed. In addition the depreciation is now flat and overtime will probably appreciate as this car was the last aspirated Carrera. Of course the other benefit is that the GTS comes with a high spec as standard. I also have the PDCC option, which puts a big smile on my face when cornering.
No experience with ceramic brakes, but standard Porsche brakes are best in class and i've never had a problem stopping on the occasional track day. My front discs are ready for replacement at 35,000 miles - i'm very happy that their not ceramic £££
A short update.....

I picked up my 991.1 GTS from the dealer yesterday and had a fabulous 4 hour drive back home. The car is everything I had hoped for and some.

It has more power than you'll ever need, it sounds amazing especially with the sports exhaust switched on and handles like it's on rails. The dealer ceramic coated it for me, I was blown away by how good the paintwork was, I can certainly recommend G-Tech ceramic coating.

She's tucked up in my garage waiting for the weather to break.....

If you get get hold of a Gen 1 car I'd definitely buy one over a Gen 2.

Further updates to follow.........
Hi Neil
I hope you are still enjoying the GTS? I purchased a 991.1 GTS in Carmine Red 2 weeks ago and really glad i did. Pure old skool power meets modern technology, while the roar of the exhaust is the real deal and worth the money alone. We are blessed to own these cars and i looked online - only 2 GTS C2 cars for sale in the OPC currently. They are fast becoming a limited edition car. Enjoy my friend.

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