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911 911.1 Purchase dilemma please help!

Neil Bravery

PCGB Member
Hello Club Members
Ive just rejoined today after an absence of 5 years and no Porsche.
I need some trusted advice please?!
I‘m looking at purchasing a 911.1 2014 Turbo S from Porsche via the approved scheme. I’ve driven a 991.2 which was great but at £129k for a 2018 was a bit out of budget. By comparison this one is £92k with 28,000 miles full OPC history and nearly 3 years Porsche Warranty.
My dilemma is this……
I‘m nervous about buying such a complex vehicle , are they reliable, are they worth the hype?
Is the depreciation massive?
Are general running costs eye watering?
Should I save £20k and just buy a Carrera S or GTS and still enjoy the 911 experience in other words is the Turbo S just too much?
Any specific things I should look out for on a Turbo S, the cost of ceremic brakes is scary!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Personally, I would buy another second hand good Porsche and enjoy it for much less [:D][;)]
Total 911 magazine edition 225 from Nov. 2022 has an excellent report on a road test comparison between the 991.1 C2S, the 991.1 C2 50th Anniversary and the 991.1 C2 GTS.
All great cars but the verdict was that, all round, the GTS was the best. I did a lot of research before upgrading from a 2014 981 Boxster GTS pdk to a 2015 991.1 Carrera GTS Cabriolet pdk in 2020. Everything I’ve read and experienced first hand over the last two years confirms I made the right choice. A great drivers car, the last of the N/A non GT cars with virtually zero depreciation thus far. Definitely the "sweet spot’ of the range in my opinion. ????
Thanks for all your responses I far.
Sounds like I should avoid the Turbo S?? They just seem a lot of money for another 150bhp which you can’t really use on the road……. They do look good though!
Strangely I have a 2014 991.1 Turbo S with similar mileage so I am conflicted.

However best car I have ever had but agreed a bit more expensive than the GTS which is a bargain unless you intend to use the extra performance.
I only have one car although have the use of a Jeep Grand Cherokee for towing and a Mazda MX5 for fun.

Previously 964 C4S, 996,C4S, 997 Turbo

I do the weekly shopping in the S just as flexible as any 911 and have toured Europe extensively and comfortably.

Until Covid I did three track days a year including SPA, Le Mans, Nurburg Ring and Anglesey, driven there and back, never missed a beat.
Slight bragging here but with the S I established the local sprint record for the class in March 2019 so far unbeaten, sadly due to age I am getting slower!

Great al round car.

A couple of minor problems with heater and aircon but all sorted.

Was going to update in 2020 but due to Covid decided not to plus the part x offered by local dealer was not great (much more offered now) and the 992 Turbo S is a bit wide for the Island.

More civilised that the 911 GT3 which in my view is overrated but cheaper to start with but keeps it value better.

The 2 is an underrated gem and I am sure that Clive agrees

Happy to answer any specific queries about the car

Good luck

Thank you Fireblade, a very helpful response.
I just love the overall wide look of the Turbo S and the side wing ducts plus it just feels extra special.
A few questions to settle the nerves if you don’t mind?
1. OPC service costs have they been crazy?
2. Does it eat tyres and any issues with the rear wheel steering?
3. Ceramic brake costs are scary, any issues?
Anything I should pay any particular attention to when I view it this Saturday? It’s £92k with Porsche warranty so top money for a 2014 car with 2 previous owners.
thanks for your help??
I just love the overall wide look of the Turbo S and the side wing ducts plus it just feels extra special. Me too
A few questions to settle the nerves if you don’t mind?
1. OPC service costs have they been crazy? No more than the usual exhorbitant charges on my previous Porsches
2. Does it eat tyres and any issues with the rear wheel steering? The original Pirellis didn't wear that well and were changed for Michelin C4S which are still OK. No issues with RWS.
3. Ceramic brake costs are scary, any issues? No but the first set were defective and subject to a recall a month after purchase and were replaced under warranty at £3,000.00 a corner. I insisted on a free invoice to show that the change had been done. Part numbers of the defective discs are on the net somewhere and you should check that they were replaced if defective. The pads were a bit dearer but only one replacement so far.

Anything I should pay any particular attention to when I view it this Saturday? It’s £92k with Porsche warranty so top money for a 2014 car with 2 previous owners. Not really, if I think of anything I will come back

Neil Bravery said:
I just love the overall wide look of the Turbo S and the side wing ducts plus it just feels extra special.

If the Turbo S is an itch you're keen to scratch, then by all means go for it. ???? Life's too short for regrets - it'll certainly be a wild ride. ??

It's not overly expensive to run in comparison to others in a similar league, but it is a very high performance supercar, so needs a commensurate budget and the driving skills to get the best from it.

Boots, wheels and brakes are principal areas to inspect when buying used and look out for corrosion/oil leaks around the engine bay and turbos.


IMHO, the 991.1GTS is the way to go assumming you can find one. I am a bit bias but it is much more car than an 'S', without the overhead of a Turbo. If its your thing, its also the principle car in the 991.1 generation thats considered an investment, hence the difficulty getting one. Especially if its a 2WD manual coupe.

Interior wise a GTS is no different to a GT3 except for having rear seats and an 'S' instead of a '3' on the rev counter. If you get a chance to drive one, the noise will seal the deal. You won't get the same experience from any Turbo. As a drivers car I guess it depends what you want. A Turbo / Turbo S is more luxury GT. The current 992's have the smooth, luxury feel of the Turbo's. Going from even a 992S to my GTS is like going from a Bentley to a Beetle. A 992 GT3 in comparison is still a bag of nails. I went from a Track session in a 992S to my 991. The 992 left me cold, feeling wise. There was more drama starting my 991 in the car park.

Which one is right for you will be down to you personally. To use a Jaguar line, if you want 'grace and pace', a Turbo S is probably the way to go. If you want a bit of theatre it's the 991.1GTS. Elements of a GT3 but toned down. You can tour it and thrash it equally. Fantastic thing. Personally I find myself in a dilemma owning one because I cannot honestly think how I can replace it and still keep a smile on my face....
GTS is a bit of a sweet spot, currently in a 992.1 C4GTS after having a 991.1 GT3 & a 991.2 GT3 back to back. Super surprised how good the GTS is, also I’m not really a turbo guy and can‘t quite get over how good the 3.0 turbo engine goes, plus it really has a wonderful sound track. Enjoying the more compliant ride although at a flick of a button the sport suspension stiffens everything up nicely. GTS also have stronger residuals. I’m going to miss this car when my 992.1 GT3 arrives and once I’ve grown up I can see me owning another GTS

We are all very fortunate to have these types of problems to mull over

So….tomorrow I’m going to road test a 911.1 and a 911.2 GTS
My understanding now is the 991.1 GTS is the one to have as it’s non Turbo and 3.8cc? Rather than going for the later 3.0cc Turbo model??
I wonder if I’ll notice much difference between the two?
Thoughts gentlemen, there’s only a few grand difference in the price.….
I nearly did the deal on a Turbo S this morning but after reading the comments re a GTS, I need to try one just in case!
While the 991.2 is the newer car, its only real interior benefit is that CarPlay is standard (which you can retrofit to the .1) and it has the multi-function steering wheel (which does not bother me and again a few have fitted the later wheel to .1's).

Engine wise, the turbo is 'flat' sounding compared to the NA motor. It does feel very torqey low down compared to the NA which has more top end rush. It will be interesting to hear your impressions.

There is one cloud hangin over the 3.0T and that is its turbo's. A lot seem to fail. I saw it happen on the recent factory visit, which the garage it ended up at were not suprised about. A well known indie specialist mentioned it to me. I was on at an OPC open day commented on a 992 demo car sitting on a lift with shiny new turbos. Naturally the OPC mechanic said there was no problem with them (so why are they being replaced on a demonstrator??).

Basically if you decide on the .2, make sure you get a warranty and keep one on it.

In comparison the NA motor seems reliable. Have never heard of any stories....
A purchase has been made today!
I road tested a 2017 991.2 3.0T first then a 991.1 2015 3.8NA.
My verdict is as follows:
Both cars were amazing and delivered more than I anticipated especially after a nearly bought a 991.1 Turbo S this week.
I initially thought I was sold on the 3.0T, it was quick and made me smile, however as soon as I drove off in the 991.1 NA and heard the exhaust note kick in at 2900 rpm and the revs wind round in sport plus the decision was made. I’m not bothered about the PCM 3 and older steering wheel. The rawness the 3.8 NA made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!
I can wait to collect it soon. Further updates to follow.
Well done! Great choice after doing the perfect comparison test.
You will not be disappointed. ????
Enjoy your new car. You wont regret it. I get hairs on the back of my head every time I drive my 991.1CS and that's been for the past nearly ten years (it has only done 26k miles) so every drive is like a new drive.

glad you got the car you want
it will be fab
they all are!
I went from 2012 a 991.1S with all the bells and traded in for 2018 a 991.2 3.0T
i love it and it’s giving near 40 mpg on a cruising run
I plan to keep it forever,like i did with all 15 of my previous Porsche ??
Hi All,
Just read with interest this post and chain of responses. Very informative and great points made!

After nearly 18 years of 993 ownership I too am seriously considering buying a 991.1 GTS.

Therefore, I would appreciate your experience, commentary or crystal ball gazing on 991.1 GTS current and future price direction.

Additionally, any info on issues to look out for and opinions on maintaining an OPC warranty on one?

Many thank.
Hi Nick
After lots of research all roads pointed back to the Gen 1 GTS NA engine.

After a nightmare with the OPC I was buying mine from I’ve finally found one at a Porsche independent dealer. I’ll be collecting it next Tuesday so I’ll update you all once she’s in my new garage.

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