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Welcome to the Modified Register

It's a fact that very few Porsches ever end up exactly as they left the factory. At some point, many owners fit different wheels, sound systems, exhaust systems, suspension upgrades, performance enhancements, etc. However, some owners go significantly beyond basic customisation and extensively modify their cars. As its name suggests, the Modified Register caters for owners of substantially modified or customised Porsche cars, whether for use on the road or on the track, whether for competition or for show. Replica or evocation versions that pay homage to more exotic models are also covered by the Register.

As well as being socially active, provides valuable technical support and helpful advice for owners as well as offering free appraisals for anyone who owns, is considering buying or building a modified Porsche. It can also help owners source parts and services for their cars. Just contact the Register Secretary for details. You can also keep up to date on our forum pages.



  • Ralph Forster


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