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23 Jul 2020

Photos by Ed Pike

Start your engines!

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Start your engines, we are back!

We kick off official events this weekend with a socially distanced return to our East London home aka ‘Out East’. A break from our regular 3rd Sunday schedule (back to normal in August).

Behind the scenes we have been working hard with covid-19 risk assessments for all our London events. You can find our risk assessments on our resources page, each one different as you would expect. Some key messages: Have or suspect you have covid-10, stay at home. Always stay socially distanced. Wear a face covering when required to do so. Expect some form of test-and-trace system at our meets and when we visit pubs etc to follow theirs too.

We suspect things may seem a little odd for a while but expect this to be the new norm for quite some time. None of the new guidelines or procedures should stop you enjoying your Porsche with your Club friends. However, not following guidelines could lead to future events being cancelled or worse, do not go there. Please keep everyone safe.

See you out on the road - Nick & Ed

ps. Whilst Ace Café is now open during the day, there are evening events during the month of July. It is hoped that Porsche Night at Ace Café will return on Monday, 27 August.

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