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04 Oct 2017

Photos by Ed Pike

New East London Porsche meet

News about our new East London Porsche meet

Just like the leaves, it is a time of change in R20, one that we embrace with our usual enthusiasm and can-do London spirit. Our time at Smithfield Meat Market has come to an end; with the enforcement of new parking regulations. We have a new day (Sunday), a new time (8:30am) and a new home for our East London Porsche meet, now known as ‘Out East’.

We had great fun driving around London in the early dawn hours finding a location which meets R20’s exacting requirements of Space, Soul and Coffee. This spot delivers on all three, as we head to oh-so-trendy East London, with an artsy-café, plenty of free parking and the most amazing photographic backdrop. During the week it is home to craft breweries, artists and upcoming designers, at the weekend it is a place to relax with quiet streets and coffee watching the river flow past.

Join us on the THIRD Sunday of the Month, from 8:30am (Café opens at 9), Beachy Road, London, E3.

See you out on the road - Nick & Ed

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