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17 Oct 2015

Photos by Ed Pike

Smithfield 'Meat' October 2015

News from October's Smithfield 'Meat'

Our East London meet has found its new home under the glass canopies of Smithfield market.  The historic market buildings are deserted at the weekend a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the market traders. 

The 24 hour market cafe served up mugs of steaming teas and bacon sandwiches to the hungry members. Nick and Ed’s racing yellow Cayman GTS was on its first outing, it's sports exhaust destroying the peace and quiet.  Compared to Larry’s GT3 exhaust the score was 1:1, a fair fight.  The row of Porsches grabbed the attention of those walking by with many stopping to take pictures and chat.  Seeing Bob’s deep purple sportomatic, one of only 74 produced, a passing American tourist regretted selling his decades ago. 

The group voted and our new East London meet will be called the Smithfield ‘Meat’.

Photos from October's Smithfield 'Meat'

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