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Whitby Fish & Chip Run April 2016 Gallery

This was a Region 7 event but our neighbours there always make us very welcome.

Whitby FIsh & Chip Run

A soggy start to our May Day Away Day didn’t dampen R3 spirits. Refreshments at Moorhouse Farm Coffee Shop before setting off on the scenic Coastal Route to Lindisfarne. Thanks to Chris & Pat’s studies of the tide tables, we got to the causeway just after it opened. We were met at St Aiden’s Winery where we had privileged parking and a pre-arranged Lindisfarne Mead tasting.

Lunch was booked at the Manor House Hotel overlooking the priory. Some of us then chose to walk to the Castle, others just enjoyed the view with a coffee. We had plenty of time before the tide came in again and cut off the Island.

Whitby Fish & Chip Run April 2016 gallery contains 11 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from April 2016

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