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Kielder Drive April 2018 Gallery

A joint drive out to Kielder Water with Lancashire and Cumbria Region.

Kielder Drive  8th April 2018

When we heard that Region 18 were coming over into our patch for a drive and Sunday lunch we decided that it would be rude not to join them. We knew that their lunch venue wouldn’t cope with all of us, so instead, our members met at Michelangelo’s at Ryton for a full English breakfast ahead of our drive to Kielder, via the Military Road. Twenty six R3 cars arrived at Kielder Water not long after R18 and while they had lunch we managed to fit in a drive over the dam for photos before heading to Kielder Waterside for a coffee. Region 18 soon joined us, giving us a chance to catch up with friends from our neighbouring region. Some of them stayed for coffee, others headed back to Carlisle via Newcastleton, with us hot on their heels. Of course, no foray into Cumbria is complete without a stop off for cake and coffee at Sally’s Tea Room and a blast over Hartside.

Kielder Drive April 2018 gallery contains 28 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from April 2018

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