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Karting Challenge September 2018 Gallery

A karting challenge against our Porsche drivers and those special people who sell them and mend them

Karting Challenge 9th September 2018
A while ago a plan was hatched for a Karting challenge against Porsche Centres Newcastle and Teesside, Lloyds Bodyshop and Porsche Club GB North East members. Unfortunately Newcastle didn’t put forward a team; their Centre is currently undergoing a redevelopment and major expansion so they are a little busy right now.
On Sunday lunchtime all drivers turned up at Teesside Karting raring to go, with good support from friends and family. After a 20 minute warm up and a 40 minute race not everyone was still looking as fresh, some suddenly realising just how many years it has been since they were last in a kart! Good fun was had by all though, judging by the smiles at the end of the day and the excited chatter about overtaking and battles in the corners.
1st place went to Porsche Centre Teesside, 2nd Lloyds Bodyshop and 3rd to R3’s Richard Kilgour, who was sporting a hand injury.
Thanks to all our racers and supporters, and to Abigail who became our team photographer when a camera was thrust into her hands at the last minute.

Karting Challenge September 2018 gallery contains 12 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from September 2018

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