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An Evening Meet with Region 18 June 2018 Gallery

R18 and R3 met in Warwick Bridge

An Evening Meet with Region 18 5th June 2018

This was an opportunity to meet up with members from Lancashire and Cumbria Region. R3 met at Hexham Services and enjoyed a scenic drive along the Military Road, avoiding the HGVs on the A69. Unfortunately we didn’t all manage to avoid the cow muck that a farmer had just spread across the road, a smell that carried with us to the meet at Sally’s Tea Room. Luckily R18 are a friendly lot and didn’t take offence. We spent several hours enjoying Sally’s great coffee and cake and chatting about all things Porsche before heading home, with a group opting for the route home over Hartside; a bit out of our way but always a spectacular drive.

An Evening Meet with Region 18 June 2018 gallery contains 8 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from June 2018

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