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Wheel cleaning centre lock wheels


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Hi all, I’m struggling to find a brush/tool to clean my centre lock wheels on my 991 gts, I do power wash but want to clean the complete wheel. What’s everyone using please, I’ve now tried quite a few brushes even trying a diy option adding part of a broom handle to a brush!

any links would be great too.

thanks in advance

I used these as supplied by many detailer suppliers

Thanks mate, I’ve got some similar but not that exact one, it’s the width and tight gap that makes it difficult and I’m fed up of banging my knuckles on the wheels cleaning right the way in. I’ll have a look at them, are they the wheel woolies ones?

I’ve looked them up and they’re only 18 inches long, that’s the length brushes I’ve been using and hitting my knuckles on the wheels, don’t you find the same?

I have a mechanic's stool on casters, a flannel-textured cloth with a bucket of water and baby-bath soap. I wear disposable examination gloves to save my hands from dirt and brake dust.

The issue is its too tight to get your hands in and every brush I’ve tried isn’t long enough, I put a post an facebook and as above wheel woolies are recommended but their only 18 inches and I’m simply finding I’m banging my knuckles on the wheels when I clean the furthest point inside.
Bought all the ones above, great quality but I do wish they were a little longer but I have found it impossible to buy any long ones hence the post.

thanks for the advice all.
I use the genuine 'Braun' Wheel Woolies x 3 pack - the small medium and large.

The large ones I find great for doing either the Boxster wheels or even now, the Macan wheels.
And they are 295 wide, so 18" brushes should easy do the job?

I did mine a couple of weeks ago, then polished all four wheels and fitted new centre caps and I cant remember banging my knuckles once ?

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