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Owners Roll Call !


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Let' s hear from all you 924 owners out there - new or established members

Say hello! [:)]
Hi 924' ers. My name is Rob Gurney and I have owned my 1985 Guards Red 924 for just over 4 years now. It is the best car that i have ever owned, and i have many fond memories of the weekend trips away i have enjoyed with her. The car is obviously very fond of me too, because despite being for sale for the past 4 months, she is still residing in my parents garage!!!

Agree 100% with Geoff' s post above - the 924 is a cracking drive and without doubt fully deserving to wear the Porsche badge on the bonnet.

Better go now, getting a bit tearful..............

My name is Simon Wilson and I have used my car hard in the club speed championships for some 10 years or so now.
It is very modified but wasnt always so and even when near standard drove like a sports car should, quick, safe and solid on the handling front, great car.

Hi Paul

Well, Im fairly new to 924 ownership - I bought my 1981 2.0 in December last year.

It had no tax and no mot - but its now on the road, and I love it!

Its the 3rd car at home - only for fun use but I plan to attend some events with it this year.

As said earlier, without the 924 who knows where Porsche may be today.


Hi Paul, this is my second 924 the first being a 1981 lux, I owned it for 6 years untill 1995. My latest being a 1988 924S which Ive had for 3 weeks.Plenty of service history from new but now needs some TLC spent on it. Ive sent you a register form with s.a.e. so look forward to receiving my windscreen sticker. Regards Bob.
My name is Jeff Thompson and I have sent my registration form but don' t seem to have had a reply yet.
I have owned my ' 83 924 since last summer and during that time I have replaced the starter motor and the exhaust, fibreglassed the battery tray and tried to coax some of the electrics back to life - I still do not have a nearsdie main beam or a horn both I suspect as a result of water leaking throuigh the battery tray and onto the fuses and relays.
Sometime in the past an enthusiastic owner has been heavy handed with the T cut to the extent that the undercoat is showing through on some of the edges, so a respray is on the cards.
Recently it has developed a noticable rumbling noise from the rear which I presume is a drive shaft and or bearing problem.
I am debating with myself whether I should persist with this example and do the work (including an interior retrim) or would it be economically better to seek out a replacement in better condition.
Does anybody have experience of going down this road before.


Jeff Thompson
Hello Jeffrey

I have your Register form here and, according to my records I sent you a Register sticker in the SAE you supplied. If you never received it then e-mail me privately confirming your address and I' ll send you another.

Great to see another 924 owner here [:)]
Hello to you all. I have just received my Porsche Club membership so this is only my second posting (first was as a guest for a caption competition!). In October 2002 I purchased a Porsche 924 Turbo in Alpine White. Very good inside and out. Having never owned a sports car I had no clue what this would drive like. Now I believe I could adequately describe the feeling of sitting on an exocet and being fired down the road. The car is an absolute joy. I have had many friends sit with me and have heard the same thing again and again.... " Wow, I have never felt acceleration like that" . It has some minor problems with the heating being constantly on, the electric windows not working (which combined with the heating problem can be a little un-comfortable) and an exhaust that is need of repair/replacement. But heck it is 23 years old, looks like new from a few paces and has a thrill factor up with the best.

I live in Worcestershire and I know I must be in one region or another but I have not yet had time to read my pack. Pity I did not bring it to work today as I am rather bored and now just wanting to go home and take this beast for a spin !! I hope to see some of you in the future. I am currently printing the Register form and will fill this out in the quiet time this afternoon.

Take care.
Dave 07834 977272 (Mobile)
hi my names lyndon

about 12 years ago a left school and started working in a porsche garage ....after leaving i missed the porsche life....

i moved into VWs and have owned a few bugs ,type 3 and a splitwindow camper......which i still own

i have also been involved in lowriders as this is also a passion

i bought my 924 2 days ago of a GB member who hadent used it for a while and it sat outside his house

after fitting a battery and a test drive i bought said car for the princely sum of 575.......a bargain in my eyes

it needs some very minor paint work
a trim change as a past owner has cut the rear seat upright to fit speakers(i want a black trim)
and is in need of a good service....

but after a day of use ive had the ....poor mans porsche digs already......
htis makes me laugh to myself as i say in my head .......575 quid porsche

i look forward to getting into the scene and going to meets.....
Hi Lyndon
No such thing as a poor mans porsche!
Ignore them and enjoy your car! we had a 924 10yrs ago it was beautifull, very stable, reliable, never let you down and was used daily.
Hope it gives you many years of pleasure.
Welcome Lyndon! [:)]

Are you going to Eynsham Hall (close to Oxford, just outside Witney) on the 30/31st August - it' s the biggest UK Porsche event of the year and would be a fantastic start to Porsche meetings!

£575! - A bargain [:)]
cheers kim,paul

yes i will try and make Eynsham there a website for the show ?
what type of show is it........most of the VW shows i used to go to were weekend camping shows......

any details greatly received

and thanks for the welcome
Hi Paul just an update on the 924S that i bought back in May. Gave her a tidy up inside and out, added the side stripes today.Here' s a photo, will be going to Eynsham Hall on the Sunday.

Looking good! [:)]

Looks as fresh as the day it was delivered....

....can you do mine as well?

Hi Paul
Not only am I new menber to the Porsche Club but a first time Porsche owner as well. I bought my 924 in August this year. I came across it as a friend of mine works for a window company and a client of his was wanting to ell the car.
It is a 1985 924 in Guards Red with Black cloth trim. The car has only covered 19,000 miles from new.It has only has two owners prior to myself and these were father and son. The origional owner bought the car new from JCT 600 pretty much as a third car and it only had limited use. After three trips to Italy the gentleman fell into ill health and the car was garaged for 9 years. After his death his son (from who I bought the car) has it checked out and put back on the road by Strasse in Leeds and used the car a litle untill my buying it from him in August. Since that time I have had a graet deal of fun in the car and have added nearly a 1000 miles to its total. The longest journey being toEynshem for what I thought was a brilliant weekend.The car is in as new condition having been dry stored and is complete with all service history key wallets and everything. I intend to fine tune it over the winter and hopefully enter it for some concours next year. I did fill in the register form at Eynsham but as yet I have not received a sticker, could you please remidy this for me so as the car can be seen to belong. I loook forward to meeting more 924 owners over the next 12 months and continuing the enjoyment of ownerhip.
Glad to see you are using/enjoying the car as it was meant to be. Too many people still disparage the 'lowly' 924, when any car can be fun if you accept it's limitations.
This is not to say that it has a lot - didn't mean to put my foot in it there !
Now that I've finally got broadband I can join the forum without running up my phone bill....

I've had my 924 since May 1994 and it has not only been great fun, but also one of the least expensive cars I've owned (both purchase price and running costs).

I bought it from Michael Ticehurst in Stoke Row (who at the time specialised in 924s and had a great stock of them - I visit to his showroom was alway a treat). I bought the car with 53,000 miles on the clock - it now has 112,000. I 've the car service by Ray Northway as I don't have time to do it myself

The car is metallic grey which seems be a colour that has come back into fashion - I see lots of 911 and new Mini in very similars colours. It also has black leather seats - I've never seem another 924 that has.

Although I've been a "sleeping" member" for a while I'd like to meet up with other 924 owners either locally in Hampshire or at Cornbury House - anyone know if the 924 register plans to meet there soon.

John Cooper
Hello JohnC

The best place to start meeting other 924 owners is to attend your nearest Regional meeting (see October Porsche Post pages 95 and 96) Registers do events every once in a while but only with the co-operation of the Region (who are much more geared up for events)

Saying that, if we (924 owners) can come up with an idea for an event (say visiting a round of the 924 Championship for example) - and if there is enough interest then something may happen.

But do visit your Region meetings and the monthly open days at Cornbury House in the interim.

Thanks [:)]

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