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Monthly meeting? Events?

Sorry missed this thread. I'd be interested in a Ty Nant or any other venue on teh outskirts of Cardiff. I love driving the beacons, but to treck up there of an evening is too far.

So I will watch this thread.
I would also be interested in a meet somehwere along the M4 corridor between Juncs 30 and 36.

A local jct 30ish meet would be ideal for me , again the Brecons just a tad too far for a meet......unless of course it involves a wee hoon to the Elan valley..
Which i think we should do again Taff.
Lets try for a date in early March, as i'm away at the end of this month.
Might be nice to see some new faces [:)]

To the next beacons hoon [:D]
[8|][:(]Hi guys!just wanted to know whats the latest on club meeting in south wales?went to porsche cardiff for the launch of the new cayenne and i know most of the guys there !They said if we needed any help in anyway for me to pop in and have a chat! for example using there premises for club meets and using workshops etc.KNOW for a fact they offered us there premises couple of years ago and a certain regional organizer turned them down!
ALSO would be nice to see a monthly report in porsche post now and again like other regions?
Monthly reports?This is a local club for local people. I lost interest in it all 10 years ago when the meetings were held in Talbot Green golf club, that was like the night of the living dead , I don`t want a 100 mile round trip to drink pop and kick tyres thanks.The Ty Nant sounds like a better prospect , it used to be a decent pub, but its a few years since I was last there. I notice Mr Foster takes his lead from the directors of the club and maintains an imperious silence on the forum. I for one would be interested in the reasons why R14 now meets in mid-Wales. It comes to something when Stev, a non-member, is liasing with the local OPC to set up a monthly meeting that`s actually in SOUTH WALES (oops a bit of shouting there)
Let`s organise something, I`ll help out when I can.My email address is on the profile thingy.
Keep posting guys.
People of Wales! This weather doesn't lend itself to meets does it? Pretty soon the evenings will be that bit longer and (hopefully) brighter! I'd be up for a get-together anywhere west or north-west of Cardiff. I'll keep an eye on the long-range forcast and try to arrange something in the next couple of weeks - any suggestions would be welcome...? Fuel of Britain, isn't it?!
Please count me in on anything near the M4. I don't mind running the gauntlet of Camera Vans on the way from Bridgend !
Hi Stev,

In agreement with your comment on lack of R14 in the Post. Untill Chris started this thread nothing was here.

Now spring is upon us more opportunity to meet I think. I for one don't see the point of meeting on a dark winters night when it is throwing it down outside. Cannot enjoy cars and the weather is depressing.

Look foward to some get togethers in the lighter nights or weekends.

Certainly like the idea of the Cardiff OPC invitation on using their premises.

Regards Alan.
Hi alan and thanks for your feedback.
I am actually a member and have been for many years,attending many events and trips !
Just had to give my imput because the club,not just in south wales,but nationwide is taking a downward turn!
Noticed events in thames valley for instance?
I thought when i joined the club it was all about meeting like minded people who enjoyed porsche cars,not a political free for all!
Hopefully we can get back to having a meeting in SOUTH WALES and give our support to all those members who just want a car club!
Good effort guys, now whose gonna commit to a date... Anywhere other than the treck up to Brecon
Hi guys! thought with all this interest that surely our south wales organizer would take heed and at least address the situation?thought that his position was to keep members informed and update them with forthcoming events?
I`ve had a couple of calls off members who feel the same as me and feel whats the point of being in the south wales region?
Are we having a concours this year and what about other events we normally do?
Many of you know steve poole and the fabulous work for charity he does thoughout the year,what about these events?
best regards,steve.
Hi all... finally the thread begins to pick up.[:D]

I guess we all feel a bit pushed to make our way to the hefty heights of Brecon when Cardiff/Bridgend seems so much nearer for the majority of us.

I think I may mentioned in the past, Fynnon Wen Pub on the Thornhill Rd. Cardiff. A nice pub, with good safe parking and the management have approved of Porsche Meetings taking place.

If anybody approves... please say so.

Hell, any day seems good to me!
Hi, Chris i am going up to the meeting in Brecon on Tuesday I am going to make suggestions to Ian to alternate meetings between Brecon and Cardiff so more members can have a chance to meet. The pub you suggested sounds ideal. I am also trying to organise a Quad biking event so i need to know how many people are interested. [:D]
hi mark!
looks like we are finally making progress and hope now we all give support to the club!
i sent email direct to ian and he did respond back to me next day and promised that a events list would be on the forum! now get rid of that m3 and would be great to see you back in the concours mate!
Ffynon Wen sounds good to me, I`m writing this from France, but will be local again soon. Regarding Caerphilly mountain road, the local residents are asking for a camera to be installed, and the stretch below the Travellers` Rest can be slippery with wet leaves or frost in all bar the Summer so be warned.
Well im sure experience and better judgement will serve us well on such roads... (to be used [;)] but not abused)

Ffynon Wen is ideal for the South - South Area.... Mark any news from Ian?

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