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Monthly meeting? Events?


New member
Hello all,

I'm pretty new to the forum despite owning few porsche's over the last couple of years... are there any monthly meetings or events that take place in the south wales / cardiff area? If not, there are some ideal places... particularly the Toby arms off JCT 30 M4 that cater for a lot of specific car clubs.

Hi Chris,

Wondering the same myself. Seems a bit quiet on the meeting front. There are some meets in Brecon. Not aware of the Toby Arms.

Joined the Club here this evening after I picked up my plastic Porsche GB card, but been lurking for several months belong to another forum which has an excellent following and good social meets.

Not sure if it is etiquette to mention it yet being my first post.


Hi Alan,
Perhaps we could start the ball rolling... a Cardiff meeting perhaps?
The Toby Arms is just off junction 30 (M4), take the turning for the services, drive to the roundabout and the Toby Arms is just to your right.

Simple to find, possibly an ideal location centralised between Newport, Cardiff and the surrounding valleys...

...any thoughts?
South Wales region meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at Peterstone Court abut 20:00. A40 east of Brecon. See Porsche Post and Porschefile for details.

There are also lots of weekend meeting - last one on Sunday. Met at Garwnant - then a drive to Big Pit with an organised tour, then for lunch and and afternoon blast through Gospel Pass.

Most events are in Porsche Post and all are notified on the region email newsletter. If you would like to be added to the list please email me with your contact details and membership number and I'll do the rest.

Ian RO r14
Sounds good...

...are there any regular events that take place nearer Cardiff?


Hi Chris,

Have to sort out a meet. I am only 3 mins from junction 28. Always good to find decent places to go and feel confident you car is Ok [:)].

Few people I know had have their cars keyed and some petty damage really gets my goat.

Anyway went out 2 weekends back in the Brecon direction good 1 hour blast and found a nice pub thouroughly recommend Black Sheep in Felin Fach.



As far as im aware, there have been no prpblems at this venue (Toby) and is currently used by the Lotus club (I think!) Plenty of parking, quiet, and easy to find. Name a time and date and im confident that a few owners will attend... me, and 2 other porsche owners I know... but hey its a start!

Hi Chris,

I see you have found the other forum!!! Ref Bridgend night out. Met with the guys on the Sunday morning good bunch.

Sort something out for a Saturday afternoon. How about 25th Nov??? Say 1:30pm at the Toby.

Getting used to this image upload thing. This is a better pic of my beast.

Present spec is:

Arctic silver C4S/Metropole blue leather with full dash interior done.
Switchable factory fitted sports exhaust.
Porsche embossed sports seats.
Small carbon fibre pack
Carbon fibre steering wheel
Turbo ll alloys. (The best!!!)
Silver dual oval tailtips.
Running on Conti's

Potential upgrades.
No Bi-xenon so higher quality bulbs. Missed this as thought it had bi-xenons but heart took over after I drove her. This was after sourcing for over 12 months seeing so many lemons!
Avic Pioneer HD ICE.
Some more carbon bits.

Intend on keeping her some time.

Send a pic of your beast with the spec.


Hi Alan,

I did notice.... did you have fun that night?
I feel ashamed... I don't have a picture, however I will take one this week if this rain ever stops!

Daz, from the other forum has suggested a meeting just to say hi... it doesnt appear your a million miles away from JCT 30... so if you fancied catching up, again I suggest the Toby... this friday evening if you can? normally pretty busy over the weekend and Daz appears to be in the same situation.

As for my car:
2001 Carrera 2, silver, Turbo alloys, exterior standard.
Interior: unmarked black, no crests [:(], sat nav / tv.
Hmmm, thats about it.
Oh, quite a nice plate too! As you'll soon find out!

Hi Chris,

I have the opposite problem. weeknights are impossible. I have a 11 month old daughter and take babysitting duties wednesday, thursday and friday.

Monday and Tueday being my MBA Business school nights.

No doubt we will sort something out though.

No doubt Alan,

I completely understand... if there are any meetings let me know.

All the best

I live in newport, south wales, and was wondering if anyone was organising a meet, are there any other people around near that would like to meet up somewhere??
If somebody names a place and time, i'll be there... again I must stress the benefits of the Toby arms off Cardiff gate M4... very centralised!
and only a mile up the road for me[;)]

it is difficult organising a central venue for our region - Peterstone Court is lovely but a bit of a trek for us southern softies. Maybe we need to give some thought to alternating monthly meets between M4 area and Brecon way (sure we have discussed this previously). Parkway meets were always good (that must be 6+ yrs ago we used to meet there)....
I wish us southerners would get a name and date for a meet, it dosent really matter if there are 3 cars at least we can chat, will there be anyone organising a meet soon,
There are a couple of early Porsche people down this way who can usually be teased out...give us some suggestions time, place (personally can't stand the Toby at Cardiff Gate but happy to go there is that's easiest)

You are welcome to come along to Porsche Centre Cardiff on a Saturday to meet up and start a run from us [;)]
Right O.K,

How about Tynant Inn, Radyr, maybe on a Thursday evening? Again quite centralised (2 mins from JCT32 M4) say 7pm?

Good parking, and generally quite a nice place.

I've just made a quick early morning call... so far 2 cars for this Thursday!

Things are looking up!

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