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GT2 RS wheels on 991 Turbo S


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I'm looking for some advice as i am going down the Martini look with my Turbo S, it's in great tid and only done 13k but i just don't like the black roof as it ruins the lines of the car and would like to add a splash of colour, I'm currently looking a gold set of GT2RS 911 Felgen Rims ( 9,5Jx20 ET50 and 12,5Jx21 ET48 ) to stick on the car and was wondering if they would fit my 2015 991 Turbo S?

Any advice would be appreciated.


It depends on the offsets. What are your existing wheel sizes?

If the offset is less on the new wheel then they will be wider on the car (more track).
The opposite will mean they sit further in. That is bad for handling and looks poor.

The other consideration is the tyre size. If you change that then ride height and speedo reading will change. The tyre size on the 9.5J for the GT2 / GT3 RS is a 265. The minimum size you can use is a 245. There is something like a 7mm ride height change. Lifting the front of the car only is poor for aero and steering.

I changed the wheels on my 991.1GTS from the standard 20x11.5J ET47 Rear / 20x9J ET51 Front to 20x12J ET47 GT3 rears but 20x9.5J ET50 GT3 RS fronts. I used the stock tyre sizes to keep ride height an speedo reading the same. If I had fitted the GT3 fronts, these have more offset and the wheels would have been inset and the car would understeer. The fix for that is to fit GT3 control arms and a spacer. Messy.

My setup gives me wider track and fills out the arches better.

A 21” fits in the rear but you are lifting up the back of the car. I suggest you check on ’’ for details of what the new wheels would change.

What you should also consider is if you want to swap the wheels in winter for stock. If so its best to keep tyres, ride heights the same and avoid mechanical changes.

Its interesting that the rears you quote have an offset of only 48. The 991.2 generation GTS is 63, presumabley to allow for the turbos.

You need to buy normal 991.2 GT3 wheels which are the same sizes and similar if not exactly the same offsets to 991.2 turbo s. They look the same as those in your pic. Have a look at BBS F1 R too. I have a set I'd let go for 10k GBP with tyres. The Porsche 991 GT3 wheels are heavy.

991 GT2 RS wheels won't fit this is mine on 991 GT2 RS mags they stick out too much and are 21s at the rear - they do look good though!

[attachment=cRoHqnbERZa6IjlLQcV10A_thumb_d558.jpg] .

Mine on BBS F1R in Satin Bronze. Beat the queue they're virtually new.


BBS F1 R on normal turbo size rubber but you can run also run 265/35-20 & 325/30-20 if you wish with no issues at all.

Only considering selling the BBS F1 R as I now run the carbon fibre OEM wheels. My satin bronze BBS F1 R are in specific 991 turbo (s) fitment from BBS and I had to wait 24 months for them through CV19 as the BBS factory had massive delays during that awful period. Even now the wait times on them 12 months. I love the BBS F1 R too but the OEM carbon fibre wheels are very trick, rare and even lighter and also I have the CF folding bucket seats and interior trim too which the carbon wheels flow really well with. Happy to keep both sets tbh my BBS F1 R are plug and play for any 991 turbo s or 991.2 GT3 and they have TPMS etc. Its weird that the 991.2 GT3 narrow body (not RS) and 991 turbo s run the same offsets and almost the same size wheels etc so if you want that style like in your pic seek out a set of 991.2 GT3 wheels. Hope this is helpful ;)


Thanks for the valuable advice, do you have a company you could recommend in my search for wheels? It’s really strange how the offsets in the 991.2 fit the Turbo s, thanks again,
I am also going to go for the flat green wrap or powder gulf blue.

Hi there, thank you very much for your advice, I’ll take it onboard and get a look at the wheel company site you recommended for sizing etc,

cheers again,

Sure you can obviously buy them direct from Porsche and you'd get a 10% PCGB discount maybe more if you beg Dan at Porsche Tonbridge who runs parts. He very kindly gave me 25% on my 997 GT2 body kit which saved me a small fortune.
OPC is the route I'd go or you can also try looks like they have quite a few sets with new and used but posting since Brexit from Europe has been an absolute nightmare last time I spoke to Tomasz Pluskota there.

Do not forget to up they tyre size to 265/35-20 & 325/30-20 in order to get that GT look you want in the pic above and maybe a set of H&R lowering springs but personally I'd opt for a set of TracTive Touring coilovers to get that GT stance and handling. Promise your turbo will out handle a GT3 with these coilersovers and still be comfortable. Only 3.5k GBP which is a bargain.

Thanks for that, I’m ok with the standard handling and don’t want to adjust ride height as I’m on and off ferries up here when island blasting, (no cops lol) but will defo go for the tyre sizes etc and look into what Porsche have to offer, thanks again for the heads up on these ??????
Post pics if you do get them and your wrap. I've seen two 991.2 turbo s with 991 GT3 wheels ordered straight from the factory and they do look great but worth noting both looked a little too high to my eye for that GT wheel maybe I'm just used to seeing that style of wheel on slammed GT3s.

I think the larger GT tyre sizes should hopefully fix that though as there will be less wheel arch gap with those 265 and 325s. My 991 not lowered either for same reason as you but I'm definitely going to upsize to those 265 and 325 tyres sizes too when I need my next set of boots. We run the TracTive on our 700bhp 997 turbo with larger GT2 RS size tyres and it out handles my 11 year newer 991 both road and track. Easy enough to achieve that GT look with both a 991 and 997 look forward to seeing how yours looks when finished should be fab as we did something very similar with our 997 ;)



Thanks for the post reply, my god what a cracking colour and look on your car, that’s beautiful, I’ll defo do the tyres at the same time, I’m looking at going for Gulf blue or flat forest green with mine, it’s hard to get anywhere up here in Scotland for wraps.

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