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Engine Temperature Warning

Hablo francés, pero sobre todo <br />el tipo de francés de 4 letras.
Love a google translate
<br />Steve
That's Great.
Problem solved, one less thing to worry about.
Now, just got to keep an eye on those turbo chargers!

OPC warranty worth every penny.

Paul (formerly Road Runner)

Had mine back a week now and the temp is now under control. In Normal mode it does go a little higher than in Sport or Sport+ but I understand that's the additional oil cooler kicking in. Anyway, oil temp is now around 107 max pootling around in Normal and in the 90s as before. Most importantly the coolant level is at max and aside from Porsche assist giving me a CLA that made me car sick driving, it was all fine.
Well. I think I’ve been out in the car twice since I got it back and just checked the coolant and the indicator ball is at minimum again. Hilarious.

It’s going back again next week.
It could be absolutely nothing to worry about.
If you can't see any coolant dripping or leaking then it's likely to be just a void (air bubble) in the cooling system.
Apparently very common when changing out the pump.
I recall, I had to top up my coolant shortly after the pump was changed and had the same thought as you.
It's remained full since.
Having said that - just off to check now. :)

Fingers crossed. They need it next Saturday to activate the tracker so they can do it while it’s being looked at too.
Just checked my coolant level and it's on minimum.
Very strange because I can see the fluid in the filler neck?
Perhaps the yellow dipstick is not very accurate?
Interesting. Take a photo down it and I’ll compare it with mine. Can’t say I can see much down mine (see pic)

Here's mine.
I see your dipstick fitment at the bottom - Im guessing your's is as in my last post and just needs a top up.
Hopefully so and thank you for posting yours up. Always good to see a "they all do that sir” example

It’s going back to Silverstone tomorrow so they can check for anything untoward and top it back up while they sort the tracker. I’m going to ask them for a bottle of their Porsche Super Magic Coolant Fluid™? as well this time as well. I hear it’s from the Peckham Spring…

Peckham Spring - one of my all time favourites.

Good luck at Silverstone - it'll be a nice day out at least.

So, the issue was apparently an airlock in the cooling system so after a couple of bleeds they're happy with it. Hopefully (again) the last time I'm going to need to call upon them but I will say that AA/Porsche Assist and Silverstone have been great. By chance the lady who used to deal with us at Audi moved there and she's been great again - Casey if anyone ever needs to use them.

@design - probably worth getting yours bled as well if it's still under warranty.

Car back Saturday for a good old thrash.
Great that it seems all that was needed was to get the coolant flowing properly. I think 996 had a manually operated "burp valve" in the engine bay to assist clearing air locks, to be used any time the coolant system had been worked on.. I watched Matt Armstrong`s YT rebuild of a accident damaged GT3 in which he jacked the rear end of the car high in the air while replacing coolant in a bid to put an end to a problem similar to yours, and which worked for him.
Hope you have a great run out on Saturday. (-:
Great news - bet you are glad that is all over. I'll keep tabs on mine.

Keep an eye on the oil level too, Im only 1000 miles past last service and it took nearly a quart to top up to maximum.

Happy motoring from now on.

Extremely pleased and a good call on the oil. I've done 1000 miles in it since I picked it up and at the last look it was still at the top but from now on it'll be a weekly look at the coolant and oil.

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