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Dulon LD11 P


This was a Porsche engined sports racing car that raced in 1971/2 around the UK and Europe. I'm wondering if there's anyone in the club who has knowledge of it and in particular, one of its drivers, Martin Ridehalgh, who would be about 72/73 years old now.
Interested to see a mention of this one-off, Porsche-powered Group 6 racing car. Dulons were produced for ten years and while some were sports-racing cars the majority were single-seaters, mainly Formula Fords although they also made a one-off Formula 5000, a GT racer and the prototype of a very nice-looking GT road car.

The company was founded in 1967 and early in 1971 the second of the two LD11’s was built (#41/2/71) with a 2.0 F6 engine of the type used in the 906 and 910, the other (which was written-off in 1973) having Ford FVA power. The design was a development of the 1.3L LD10 -although one had a Ferrari engine; another story!- and apparently the well-known Porsche specialist of the day Chris Maltin had some input into the development of this Porsche version.

The car was raced internationally on a shoestring budget for two years by Martin Ridehalgh and one or two other drivers with rather mixed results and is unfortunately best remembered for having accidents with the works Ferraris of Ickx and Regazzoni at separate events during 1971. Fortunately Ridehalgh kept the car after retiring it and in the early 1980’s it was sold, rebuilt and eventually returned to the tracks in historic racing with a 2.7RS engine, although the reinstating of a correct unit was planned.

The car was apparently featured in Porsche Post back in 1993 and I have the picture below (from an unknown source) on file. It shows the car at the 1971 Spa 1000km where Ridehalgh share the driving with Ian Taylor and they qualified 23rd out of 28 before the accident with Regazzoni put both cars out of the race. The LD11P was a brave attempt at something different by a small company and raced alongside the big name cars and drivers of the day, such as the works 917’s.

With reference to the Dulon Porsche Group 6 sports racing car: The car is safe and sound and been in our possession since April 1981 when I bought from Martin Ridehalgh, primarily at the time to prevent someone else using it to build a special Donington saloon racer. It was without engine but otherwise complete including the 906 gearbox.

Martin and I were and are friends dating back to college days in 1967. Occasionally I helped out with the car as 2nd mechanic back in the day - including the fairly comprehensive repairs after the big shunt with Clay Regazzoni's Ferrari 312P at Spa in 1971. The original aim of the car was to combine Porsche power with an English chassis as a good mixture for longevity in long distance races.

I took some years to restore it and then ran it on and off with a souped up "cooking" 2.7 911 engine in Supersports and Masters series of historic races throughout Europe in the 1990s up until July 2006 at Spa when the engine developed an oil leak. With sensible driving and sound preparation we won a few class trophies including a championship (thereby validating the original concept). I then concentrated on a sibling car fitted with a Dino 2 litre V6.

The plan now is to build a 2 litre 906 engine, with the original gearbox, and put the car back to how it was first in 1971. We are well on the way so stand by to see it again in action all being well.

Incidentally I am still in close touch with Martin who is now an experienced pilot with his own 'plane. I am also in touch with Andy Duncan and to a lesser extent Bill Longley (the Du and Lon of the original firm), and it is true we are all some ways past 22 years of age !

Keith Martin

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