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Driver seat misalignment


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Hey guys,

Just joined today and looking forward to having a family that will listen to me talk car all day.

I recently upgraded my cayman for a 991 last month. I quickly arranged a trip to North coast of Scotland (family) to try her out. Surprisingly it was very dissapointing, for almost the whole journey the right side of driver seat was digging into my back. I'm not huge, 180cm and 95kg.

Having had a cayman with the same seat I think this really surprised me.

After I got home I measured from the seat bolster to steering wheel where I found that the left side is 30mm closer to the steering wheel!

Any advise what this could be?

Thanks ??

Welcome to the Club!
Which seat does your 991 have? There are a number of versions, but what you describe doesn't sound quite right, the seat being off centre is wrong. Does it have electric or manual adjustment?
It's just the standard manual front to rear with electric back, I think this is called 4-way?

I suspect that the seat back has been unintentionally moved but was hoping this issue has been seen before.

The car is still under warranty from non porsche dealer down south, Alexanders Prestige, they are coming to pick the car up mid Sept for a few other things I've spotted after buying.

If I can find the issue before it goes then they can order any parts and therefore less time away from its new home??
Just a wee update, visited porsche Edinburgh today and they have no previous history of this. Car booked in for investigation later this month. Alexander Prestige will cover the cost ??
Cat been with Porsche Edinburgh for 2 days and they can't find anything yet. They want the car back to remove seat and strip down for a better look.
Makes me wonder what they did for the first two days?
The car has been returned from down south and they cannot find any problems.

I did the west coast of NC500 over last two days and my back is killing me, I need to find a cure or the seats will be chamgwdor the car is going.

Help and advise please ??
OK, so the PC has found nothing wrong with the seat.

Have you tried another 991 to see if the problem is replicated. If it is, you'll need to think in terms of re-engineering the seat frame. This can often range from just slotting mounting holes to fabricating alternative mounting brackets in order to re-orientate the seat how you would like it.

If the problem disappears in the second car, then clearly the seat is defective and you need to return to the PC or your supplier and request further assessment.

It would worth investigating you car's history too, as any previous accident damage may have resulted in the disported seat frame.


Thanks for reply Clive,

The garage sent me pictures showing the same dimensions as my seat so I'm thinking this is the normal setup. That being the case I would have expected more cars to have similar complaints which is strange.

The car will get garaged later this month so I'll have some time to think what to do next. I have no issue buying a new seat if that cures the issue but I worry that it could be the steering wheel setup rather than seat.

More investigation and discussion necessary.

Hello all again,
Still got a crap seat position! I went to Le Mans 24hr with R1 this year and the drive was not terrible, I have become used to the poor seating position. During the trip, a fellow R1 member suggested getting the foam replaced in the seat to at least take it back to or close to original. I've just driven the car today and it's no better.

Unless I get a better solution, the next task will be selling the car.

My next search will be car seat modification companies and see what quotes I get, that's assuming I can find any experts in Scotland

Anybody want a 991.1 C2:rolleyes:

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