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R15 column this month contained a couple of short reports on bygone events, 3 nice thumbnail photos but the rest was dedicated to promoting events with expired dates.
A little more forethought needed, perhaps? 🥴



I note your comments, however we have submission dates for the monthly magazine as I know you are aware. There will always be events that happen between submission date and the arrival of your magazine. Maybe we should not publish events that fall between the 2 dates above but it keeps members aware that we try to put together a programme throughout the year. We are constantly asking for articles for the magazine and very few are submitted, so maybe you could contribute in that area which would be helpful and add interest to the R15 section. Being critical is very easy and previous forum comments resulted in our ROs resigning, currently the committee of 4, none of which wanted the RO position, are trying to keep a R15 region operating - maybe you would like to add support as it is a while since I have seen you at a meeting or event.

We would love you to be more involved so that you can influence areas you feel need attention and please, the RO position is available and you would get my backing.

It would appear someone has been messing with the copy that was more forethought needed but editorial intervention that changes the layout/text and puts events in the wrong place would be a help.
Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your posting.

I'm aware Regional column inches in PP are precious and very restricted, hence my suggestion to utilise the space more beneficially - maybe by not submitting copy on forthcoming March events in an April magazine. But I'm not sure this will have injured anyone's sensibilities though, would it?

Coincidentally, just recently I've been looking back at my time with PCGB in a nostalgic moment. 😮

I ran 997 Register for 5 years, ably assisted for much of that by Alan. I've organised numerous weekend tours all over Wales and the West Country. I arranged factory visits to Aston Martin, Morgan, Lotus and Prodrive. I obtained concessionary driver instruction courses for members at PEC. I initiated and ran the Club display and demo runs at the Beaulieu Supercar Festival for many years. I organised the joint Register Christmas party for several years, also located and approved its current venue. I formulated and compiled technical sections for 997, 991, 992 and Macan forums and have written many of the articles. I am currently involved with 992 Register in running its WOTY later this year and have just finished researching and writing a piece for PP to coincide with Macan's 10th Anniversary. I am appointed as technical adviser to Macan Register and assist Mike whenever needed.

In the circumstances, I suspect any charge of lack of involvement with the Club may prove difficult to prosecute. I've not been as active in R15 as I once was admittedly, but I've had quite lot on elsewhere and many of the R15 events are quite distant from me or not really of interest. You will be aware of my current domestic circumstances and the difficulty I have in getting away as often as I used. I have made several suggestions for events in this neck of woods, but so far none has materialised. I try to support the odd drive whenever possible and help with Little Bridge House when invited. I gave a talk to R15 members a while ago too, if you recall.

Time marches on. I'm in my 78th year and not in the best of health, so my capacity is not what it once was. However, if there are things you think I can help with, I'm always glad to hear from you. ☎️


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"maybe by not submitting copy on forthcoming March events in an April magazine. But I'm not sure this will have injured anyone's sensibilities though, would it?"


Did you not read my post? The copy submitted for the April PP was not the one that appeared in print. The forthcoming events in March you refer to were written as reports of past events. Someone along the line took it upon themselves to change that. Not much anyone on the Committee can do about that, I'm afraid.
Whatever the reason (Geoff is suggesting lead times), my commenting on it shouldn't upset anyone, should it?

R15 sensitivities do seem to be remarkably fragile on occasions.


R15 column this month contained a couple of short reports on bygone events, 3 nice thumbnail photos but the rest was dedicated to promoting events with expired dates.
A little more forethought needed, perhaps? 🥴


Clive i do not normally read this forum as i find it old hat, but this post was brought to my attention, personally i find it rather annoying that you are using a public forum to slate the unpaid volunteers / committee trying to run a club with no Regional Organizer, ( the history behind that you know).
As has already been pointed out you are commenting on an issue that we the committee had no influence over as the copy submitted had all these events listed as "past".
Could I kindly ask that in the future if you have issues with the running of the region you address them to the region email in future.
Hello Colin,

Thank you for your post but being true to your own criteria, shouldn’t this have been via a private message?

As you say, you don’t normally read this forum, but still feel able to express an opinion on content, which is a pity because if you were prepared to widen your horizons, you could appreciate the many great aspects of news, views, information and entertainment available. It is a valuable Club resource and deserves to be fully supported by members.

I haven’t slated any unpaid volunteers/committee, have I? My OP refers only to the listing of forthcoming events where dates had expired before the magazine was published. If this is an editorial blunder then moan at PP, but don’t shoot the messenger.

Thankfully your current position is not a permit to dictate what people can post. This is a free-speech zone allowing us to publish whatever we wish within the rules.

In fact, this thread has been quite successful and has attracted some of highest view ratings in R15 for the last 5 years. Perhaps a lively forum is what is needed to rejuvenate R15, so thank you for your contribution. 👍🏼


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