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24 May 2021

June news

Frazer D'Arcy's owner experience

I hope everyone is enjoying some decent drives now restrictions have eased. This month we have Frazer D’Arcy describing his ownership experience. 

Owner experience by Frazer D’Arcy
I bought my 2010 4S in Basalt Black about six years ago from RPM Technik with 28k miles on the clock, joining a stable of two 356s and a Cayenne. Possiblyan ex-demonstrator and apparently costing around £130k new, it was extremely well optioned! Now showing 41k miles, it is fair to say I really haven’t used it as much as I should, although this included several trips to Europe. In hindsight, I’ve been pampering a low mileage car and using it sparingly, in contrast to our Cayenne, which is treated like a van.

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