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Luke-Hopper-ST-Edit.jpgWelcome to the Panamera Register – Register of the Year 2023/2024

The Porsche Panamera is a luxury sports saloon that seamlessly blends the performance heritage of Porsche sports cars with the comfort and refinement expected in a high-end executive vehicle. Introduced in 2009, the Panamera has consistently pushed the boundaries of what a four-door executive car can achieve, offering a range of powerful engines, from turbocharged V6s to hybrid powertrains and even a formidable V8. Its design, characterized by a sleek, aerodynamic profile and a spacious, high-tech interior, caters to both driving enthusiasts and those seeking a premium, comfortable ride. Advanced features such as adaptive air suspension, cutting-edge infotainment systems, and an array of driver assistance technologies make the Panamera a standout in its class, appealing to those who desire both performance and luxury in their daily drive.
Our Register is very active. We are represented at all the Club’s main events, we organise our own meetings, tours and social events and are active on all the main social media platforms providing vibrant chat, news, and views. Need some help with an issue and wishing for some independent advice, need buying advice, or just wanting to some owner based good practice tricks and tips, speak to us.


Upcoming events (5)

9 Aug 2024

Racing Sessions at the Silverstone Museum

Join us and our Taycan colleagues at the Silverstone Museum.

10 Aug 2024

Visit to Bletchley Park

Discover the incredible achievements of Britain's World War Two Codebreakers.

11 Aug 2024

15th Anniversary BBQ

We are gathering at The Artisan, Cow Roast, Tring for a 15th Anniversary BBQ

4 - 5 Oct 2024

South West Adventure

Join us for a South West Adventure in North Devon

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