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After a typically protracted period of media speculation and spy shots, the eagerly anticipated 992 is with us at last. Officially unveiled by Porsche’s top brass at the 2018 LA Auto Show, this is the eight generation of 911 and the second phase of the larger and vastly more high-tech incarnation that first appeared in 2011 with the 991.

On approach, the 992 is instantly distinguishable from the car it replaces in almost every respect. Most obvious are the muscular arches that contain a newly standardised wider track, adding some 45mm up front, even on the Carrera 2. Somehow the 992 accommodates the change with ease, testament to the skill of Michael Mauer’s design team.

Inside, Porsche has evolved the 992 in step with the rest of the range, adding the 10.9-inch touchscreen and removing all the physical switches that surrounded the gearstick. This has changed radically too, the large single piece of milled aluminium binned in favour of a much smaller lever. The resulting operation is more delicate, the overall look more logical and modern.

Official performance figures tick off 62mph in 3.4 seconds (with optional Sport Chrono) en route to a 190mph V-max. But 0-99mph in 8.3 seconds paints a more useful picture, as does 50-75mph in 2.2. This series 911 is ballistically and effortlessly quick – all the performance you could ever need and a fair bit more besides.



  • Tim Rice

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