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04 Apr 2018

The 41st Year of the 928

Forthcoming events.

Diary Dates

August – Goodwood in Sussex on Saturday 4th will host a special display section for Porsche transaxle cars, 928,968 and 944. This is a follow up to the event in 2017 which Ked Coad from the 968 Register was the central organiser. It’s a very good and interesting way to see all that Goodwood has to offer, without the huge crowds that have begun to spoil some of the other major attractions.

August – Yorkshire Porsche Festival on Sunday 5th is located at Lotherton Hall near Leeds, just off the Al/M1 junction, not hard to find. We are lucky enough to have our own reserved 928 parking area, we have been attending for many years, it could be twenty. Those in the know also appreciate the hospitality sponsored by Strasse of Leeds and Specialist Cars of Maltin, so you will not go hungry and at the same time find some interesting cars for sale.

September – Brands Hatch in Kent will see Porsche celebrating 70 years of production since starting up in Gmund in Austria, all those decades ago. Organised by MotorSport Vision (MSV) in association with Porsche Club GB, Festival of Porsche on Sunday 2nd September will be a highlight for both the club and the circuit in 2018. 

Club members can book their tickets in advance at the discounted price of £15 HERE.

October – Saturday 13th October- All 928 owners are invited to join this low key event, for one day or a long weekend. The choice is yours to decide. The Merry Miller meeting of 928UK enthusiasts has now enjoyed 20 years  as a pub lunch and a natter, now we are staying overnight, not here but in Portsmouth, then moving on to the Isle of Wight to add to the variety. Drive home on the Sunday or Monday as you wish. Reservations can be made, or more details can be obtained directly from Andrew Brierley at

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