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Welcome to the 928 Register

The 928 Register covers every 928 model, from the 1977 launch date, until the end of new car production in 1995. In chronological order, this comprises six main models designated 928, 928S, 928S2, 928S4, 928GT and 928GTS. There was no S3 model, but in the UK  there was a special limited edition 928SE Sport. The factory also produced a Club Sport version but only in left hand drive. All cars and engines were made and assembled in Stuttgart.

The first cars arrived in the UK in the spring of 1978, all with a V8 engine of 4.5 litres (4474cc) and 240bhp. This produced  a 0-60mph time (in a 3-speed automatic) of 7.2 seconds, according to Autocar magazine. Later models were upgraded to a 4-speed in 1984. The engine capacity increased from to 4.7 litres in the S version, to 5.4 litres in the final GTS version. The latter now with 350bhp and a 0-60mph time of 5.4 seconds with a 5 speed manual gearbox.

At introduction the 928 had a number of unique features, like the soft plastic front and rear built-in bumper sections, that we take for granted today, and the Weissach rear axle combined with the Porsche transaxle that gives the car an almost 50:50 weight balance, because the gearbox is mounted in the rear.

All 928s came with a full specification, which meant that air conditioning and leather interiors were standard, as were electric windows and a space saver tyre complete with compressor. From 1977 all Porsches came with galvanised steel for the bodywork but the 928 also had various panels in aluminium, the doors, the bonnet and the front wings.

As well as being socially active, the Register provides valuable technical support and helpful advice for owners. By clicking on the appropriate links on this page, members can view the Register's Events Calendar or see what's been happening.

In May 2017 the Register celebrated the 40th anniversary of the model with a record-breaking gathering of over 150 928s at Brooklands Motor Museum. Photos from the event can be viewed in our gallery section below.   

928 Buyers' Guide

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A Club Member since 1970, and a Club Director in the 80's for 10 years, David established the 928 Register in 1995 currently with 850 cars. David runs a 1992 928S4 and has published a 250 page 928 book with owner stories and Technical Tips, available from Club Shop.


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