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31 May 2016

Register Meeting at Coventry Transport Museum

Event report by Paul Seagrave.

Event report by Paul Seagrave.

Having only joined the 928 Register in 2015, when I purchased my Grand Prix white 1989 S4, I was really looking forward to attending my first Register event at the Coventry Transport Museum. I was the second car to arrive, no surprise as I live locally and was excited about taking the car to an event to meet up with fellow Club members.

The concourse in front of the museum soon filled up with a variety of 928s and a few 968s.  All models and colours were present, including a German police car replica (RHD) owned by 928 collector Fraser Pemberton. David Hemmings, Register secretary and assistant Andrew Brierley had the great idea of printing a data sheet with everyone’s name and car registrations, so it made it easier to identify owners of each car.

We had an opportunity to a have a look round the Museum of cars which was well worth the visit, as it tells the story of car manufacturing and the history of Coventry, with some great vehicles on display, starting with a solitary Jaguar E Type.

Outside it was time to look at the cars and meet Register members. Every car was different in specification and every owner had a story to tell .The cars received a lot of attention from members of the public and it was nice to be able to share our passion for the 928.

Tip of the day for me was to get the aircon fixed on my car. I thought I could manage without it, but I soon found out on my trip to Llandudno the very next day that the sun beating down on a car with a lot of glass and a 5 litre engine up front does not make for comfortable driving without aircon.

To sum up, a brilliant day out driving the 928 and meeting fellow Register members and getting to see a wider variety of 928s than I had ever seen before.

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