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24 Nov 2015

911 SC Resources Page

New addition to the 911SC website

The Register now has a Resources area on our website, which can be found here.

This currently contains advice for anyone looking to buy a 911 SC, which is an excellent decision! They are still good value for money and I intend to persuade you not to lust after another model whether it be a new 991 a 993 Turbo or a 2.7 RS. Once you own the SC she will soon show you that she is equal to all other 911s and better in many ways.

I have experience of a broad spread of models so I write with conviction even if I am a little biased. This is proved by the many proud owners who have had their cars for over 20 years, And the ex-owners who are now searching for another one having tried a later model.

The full article can be viewed here. The club is here to help its members so if you have any questions e-mail me at  Please provide your membership number as this service is a benefit of Club membership, however exceptions can be made if you are looking at buying an SC and promise to join once you own the car.

Paul Thompson

911 SC Register Secretary


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