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The first SC was produced in model year 1978, and was intended to be the last 911 model, as the 928 was planned to become Porsche’s main production car.

For marketing reasons, the performance and power of the SC appears to have been understated by Porsche to promote the 928 as a quicker car. The SC was a single model world car produced as a Targa and Coupe plus a sport model with wider Fuchs alloys rather than the standard cookie cutter wheels. Plus stiffer shock absorbers a whale tail and front spoiler. It used the engine from the turbo with CIS fuel injection, without a turbocharger which proved to be immensely strong and reliable.
We all now know the story the out of date SC was hugely popular and consistently outsold the more modern 928. So instead of dropping the SC in 1980 they upgraded the engine from 180 to 188 BHP and in 1981 increased the compression to produce 204BHP. In 1982 they produced a Cabrio version the first on a 911 and the last SC was produced in 1983 with the future of the 911 now assured. Historically the SC has a most important place as the car that ensured the survival of the 911.  But what does SC stand for some say it is just 2 letters others say it is Super Carrera but having watched Disney Cars movie we can assure you it actually is short for Sally Carrera!

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  • Roy Saberton - North
  • Simon Barnes - South
  • Richard Stephens & Barry Gale - Technical

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