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France 2014 Gallery

Region 13's 'Petit Gout de France' road trip.

Well, as with any great journey, this one started with a simple step. Our RO ( Steve Cutler ) confided he wanted to visit a champagne producer,Rheims and a village in France called Oradour sur Glane (more on that later). I reminded him my wife and I had a holiday home in France to which he responded "Is there a trip in it?". A flurry of calculations on distances, times and costs later there was an outline of a trip to tempt members. Six were definitely interested, which was a comfortable number to excite interest in the hotels necessary and yet not so many as to present problems on the roads. Hotels were booked, as a compromise between comfort, interest and cost, and more detailed routes made up.
 Five cars eventually made the trip to the meeting point, a hotel just outside Calais, allowing members to travel by ferry or Eurotunnel according to preference. With a 991 Carrera 4S, a 996 GT3, a 996 3.6 Cabriolet 2, a 996 3.4 Coupe and a 993 Targa parked in the car park, it was an impressive sight. An evening meal with a glass of wine gave the affair a French prospective and a comfortable night's sleep made everyone ready for the second day's drive, about 2 hours down the A26 autoroute then a turn south to follow easy roads to our next stop in old Troyes.
 A lunch stop at one of the old walled towns France preserves so well - Coucey Le Chateau- proved a good choice when the biggest croque messieurs known to man were produced.


France 2014 gallery contains 18 images and is part of the PCGB Hereford, Worcester & Shropshire region activities from March 2015

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