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11 May 2022

Karting evening at LLandow circuit

Porsche Club R14 karting evening on Wednesday 11th May 2022
This event has been arranged by club member Hardy Roddy.
Please respond as soon as possible if you are attending

South Wales Karting Centre, Llandow CF71 7PB,

The evening will commence at 18.30 and end at approx. 21.00, consisting of a short practice session for each driver before a 90 minute endurance race for teams of 4 or 5 drivers (depending on the number of entries). There will a maximum of 12 karts available for the race. Entries will be accepted from teams or individuals. In the latter case these will be allocated teams on the night.

The entry fee per driver is £35 (to include a balaclava, a soft drink and crisps).

Although the Karting Centre provides overalls and helmets, R14 members may alternatively bring their own overalls, gloves and helmet. Although the Centre’s helmets are sanitised and stored for 24 hours after each use, as a concession specifically for the R14 event, there will be free balaclavas issued to each driver. Waterproof clothing is not supplied by the Karting Centre.

• Karting is a non-contact sport – indiscretions will be penalised by non-scheduled invites to the pit lane by the marshal
• Each driver in the team must drive for at least 10 minutes
• Driver changes will be arranged via the pit lane marshal
• The following motorsport flags will apply on the night – Red, Black, Black and White, Yellow and Chequered.
• Visors must be down at all times when driving
• The marshals are very experienced and have seen it all – for your safety please listen to their instructions carefully

To book yourself on to the event, please complete the form below. 

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