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Porsche Club GB Cotswolds Events August 2023 

8 Aug 2023

Caffeine & Machine Party

R31 party at Caffeine & Machine.

13 Aug 2023

Megaphonics 23 at Boxengasse

R31 will be in attendance as Boxengasse's annual air-cooled Porsche reunion returns for its 5th...

20 Aug 2023

Steeleford Hill Climb

An opportunity to take part in the all-day supercar hill climbs and paddock display at Prescott...

25 - 27 Aug 2023

Silverstone Festival

R31 will be in attendance across the weekend at the newly named Silverstone Festival.

30 Aug 2023

Last Wednesday Drive To The Pub

Our monthly drive in search of a good inn with an even better car park.

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