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647 Porsche Club GB members

The Cotswolds Region (R31) draws membership from five Counties - Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Wiltshire.

We hold at least three events each month, many more in peak summer months.

A Sunday Breakfast Cars & Coffee at the beginning of each month, a regular meet at a Cotswolds Inn on the last Wednesday and ‘something else’. See Events Section below.

The Cotswolds comprises 800 sq miles of the largest area of outstanding natural beauty in the UK. 

Beautiful A & B roads link quintessentially English villages of honey covered stone with vibrant market towns and some of the country’s greatest palaces, castles, country homes and gardens.

It is a wonderful place to drive through and enjoy your Porsche.

It’s also a wonderful place to stop and grab a drink or a bite to eat with a fabulous selection of pubs, inns and restaurants.

Even better to do that with friends.

The Region neighbours the UK’s Motorsport Valley which hosts many F1 and Sportscar racing teams and the specialist ecosystem that supports them.

So there is lots to see and do in the region and PCGB aims to bring together enthusiasts from all walks of life who share an interest in Porsche.

We don’t care what you drive, how long you’ve been driving it or even if you just aspire.

If you are interested in Porsche, join us. You will be very welcome.

We recognise that in this connected world, effective communications takes many forms. 

We communicate by email but also maintain active Facebook, Twitter Instagram and WhatsApp Group Accounts. Click to join.

Facebook: Porsche Club GB - Cotswolds
Instagram: Porsche Club GB - Cotswolds
Twitter: @pcgbCotswolds


Second Tuesday "Drive to Lunch". Check our event listings below for more information.




  • The many unsung heroes. An evolving group. I thank you all.

Upcoming events (17)

26 Jun 2024

Wednesday Drive to the Pub

A monthly drive in search of a good inn with an even better car park.

27 Jun 2024

Wheels at Prescott

Midsummer meet for all car and bike enthusiasts

7 Jul 2024

Sunday Breakfast Run

An early morning scenic drive followed by breakfast at the Cotswolds Barn.

9 Jul 2024

Tuesday Drive To Lunch

A mini-road trip. A half-day's drive to lunch. And back. Destination TBC.

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