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27 July 2022

Porsche Swap Shop at the Polo Pub

A new venue and a new idea for us.

The Polo Pub. Fostons Ash Inn, beautifully situated just outside Birdlip, SW of Cheltenham.  It's a great food focused pub owned and regenerated by a new Proprietor who is also an enthusiastic Porsche owner and PCGB member. 

It's a fabulous drive from wherever you start. Hopefully some of us can arrive in convoy. 

The Swap Shop - or an informal Porsche Auto Jumble stems from my  realisation that I have Porsche stuff, collected over decades, that deserve a better home than my loft. Old brochures, magazines, models, books, paintings. A 997 Turbo presentation pack an alloy cast of the then new, variable geometry turbo. A Momo steering wheel.

You get the idea.

Bring your stuff. You may go home richer, poorer, slightly sadder or simply in trouble. 

It doesn't have to be all Porsche stuff. But it does need to be sports motoring themed. We don't want the Antiques Roadshow. Just bring along what you have.

From 6.15pm. 

Dinner will be at 8pm. £27 for two courses. 

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