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20 August 2022

Autofarm Rare Beasts of the Cotswolds Tour

Everyone is welcome to join us for coffee and pastries at Autofarm, near Bicester from 9am. We'll meet the team,  take a look at their fabulous facility and some of their "projects'. Their 997 "restomod" is something to behold. 

Then we'll take a long curated scenic tour to the Classic Motor Hub in Bibury for drinks and a BBQ. 

We are trying to tempt some of those rare and exotic Porsches out of hiding, before they are cocooned for another season. In our membership, we have a 918, a Carrera GT, some gorgeous 356's and all manner of rare air cooled 911's. And of course, anything with the letters R and S adorned to the bodywork. 

These are the rare beasts and they will be displayed at Autofarm and driven in convoy to Bibury where once again, they will have pride of place. 

Everyone else can follow and it's open to the wider Porsche community in the region. 

We won't have exclusive access to the Hub today. I didn't seek it. I wanted an opportunity to show off our finest to all who are interested. 

Tickets will be £25 per person.. Free for a rare beast. 


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