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11 Sep 2019

Photos by Stuart Davidson-Wright

Salon Privé 2019 Award for R19 Member Stuart

Read Stuart Davidson-Wright's experience of entering the Salon Privé Concours at Blenheim Palace.

Following his award winning day at the 2019 Salon Privé, we asked Stuart Davidson-Wright for an account of his experience of entering the prestigious event.

Every member in the Porsche Club who bought a ticket to park their car in the Porsche Club parking area for the Salon Prive, was automatically entered into the Salon Prive Concours. You would need to check with the Porsche Club, I think there were between 200 to 250 Porsches entered and in the Porsche Club parking paddock.

So everyone arrives and is busy cleaning their cars to concours detail - except me (there's story to this and I end up with a very clean car, yes I did clean it).

The judges walk around the Porsche paddock and select a number of Porsches, from this they finalise it down to two cars, one is for the Porsche Manufactures choice and other for the Porsche Club choice. This has also been done for Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Austin Martin's, McLaren's respectively.
Once the cars have been selected, we are invited to drive our cars from the North Lawn (Club members parking area) to the South Lawn and park the selected cars in-front of the Palace.

There is then a finial judging, where one car is selected as the overall winner, this was given to the McLaren Senna.

After this, we all drove individually at our allotted time into the award tent, where we are handed our Cup for winning the selected category, in my case the Porsche Manufactures Trophy.


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