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29 Oct 2019

Photos by PCGB_R19

Car of the Month - December 2019

Our Car of the Month for December, voted for by our members during November,  is David Brown's Awesome, Silver 996 GT2

David has kindly written us a few words about his beautiful GT2.

2002 Porsche 996 GT2

  We purchased our 996 GT2 in March 2014 trading in a 996 TT which we had owned for three years, that car finally getting us back into Porsche after straying to other brands. We were very happy with the 996 TT with no intention of changing until our son saw the GT2 advert and kept pestering me to see the car.

Reading articles on the GT2, affectionately known as the “widowmaker”, I very nearly cancelled seeing the car. Taking the attitude that the trip the dealership was likely a waste of an afternoon I needed some convincing; that took less than a mile. I just could not believe the difference between the two cars.

Our car was registered in 2002 and supplied by AFN Reading. It is one of 129 UK supplied 996 GT2s, of which 113 were Mk1s and 16 were Mk2s. Being the “comfort” version it has normal seats and no cage. Finished in Artic Silver with a full black interior the carbon rear spoiler, mirror shells and front exit vents were added shortly after the Mk2 was launched and those options were offered.


DAB3.jpg dab4.jpg dab2.jpg

Our car has been on the rollers in 2014 and made 515 bhp and 505 lbs/ft compared to the book figures of 462/459. Amongst other things the GT2 gained larger KKK turbochargers, uprated inter coolers and a remapped ECU over the TT. Compared to the civilised 996 TT the GT2 is a more all-round intense experience. The car is lighter and that is very noticeable through the steering; the suspension is fully adjustable and has a lower ride height that really adds to the quality of the handling.  There is no PSM, traction control is via your right foot and the ECU controlling that foot needs to be switched on. On a smooth, dry surface the car is a real thrill to drive and will have you smiling as it assaults your senses. When it is wet it is also a thrill to drive but in a different way, in the wet stay very awake as it does bite.

Personally I like a car with attitude and the GT2 has attitude in abundance, it is more rewarding to drive and bonds me with the car. It is noisier too as there is less sound deadening and no rear seats. There is no sunroof, rear wiper, electric seats or four wheel drive and brakes were PCCBs all of which reduce weight and the list of things to go wrong. We have recently put Alcon rotors on the car and tucked the PCCBs up safe at home. The gearshift is firmer with a shorter throw and the clutch can be heavy in congested traffic.

Much to my son’s dismay we do not track the car preferring to use the Caterham for that. We enjoy run outs to car events and places of interest with Goodwood, Beaulieu, Blenheim and Silverstone our favourites. We use to meet up with other GT2 owners for trips and managed eight GT2s from Chiswick to OPC Reading and down to Beaulieu a few years back; that was quite a sight. Unfortunately some have since been sold and the GT2 Firm has not met for a while.

Thank you for reading this far, if you want to know more I’m happy to answer questions at the monthly meets. I’d also like to give a shout out to John, Colin and Rupert for the brilliant job they are doing for us all. Happy Xmas and very best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful 2020!!!

Best regards

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