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24 September 2022

Hawk Conservancy Trust visit

As the year wears on where we all battle through the economic headwinds, R19 tries its best to keep the Region aloft, soaring on the thermals of staunch support from our members, gliding serenely onwards to the end of a hectic year for, eventually, some timely hibernation.

In the meantime, there remains a singular highlight to the year: The Hawk Conservancy Trust. Whether your heart sings to the visit of Mr Robin as you dig over the garden or is left unmoved by our feathery friends, you’ll find it hard not to be moved and impressed by the magnificent birds of prey at this charming venue. Here you’ll be thrilled to get close to such astounding creatures - with flying displays and related activities throughout the day.

The site is set in 22 acres of lush Hampshire countryside. Why not arrive early for breakfast (not included) at around 9am at their ‘Feathers’ restaurant and then you are all set for the first exhibition flights at 11.30am, then spend the rest of the day marvelling at the majesty and power of eagles, hawks, owls, vultures…and many more.

It’s a truly excellent day out for members and their families. The ticket for admission is just £14.50 per member, which entitles you to see all the displays on offer right up to the 5.30pm closing time. We will have our own reserved parking area for R19 as per standard MO.

This is bound to be a very popular event so don’t let your ‘booking finger’ hover too long over the button below, swoop down and book your place for 24 September.

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