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29 May 2022

History on Wheels Motor Museum

Some of you may never tire of members’ tales of their first Porsche, how parking their 935 at John Lewis’ can be a tad tiresome or how life is “simply ghastly” without a Manthey GT3 RS for the daily commute. But if conversation can occasionally lag and you seek inspiration from your venue, then the History on WHeels Motor Museum (HOW) might just become R19’s most esoteric and beguilingly bonkers venue of the year. Will you be bemused? Possibly. But bored? Never for a ‘Nineteener’.

Quintessentially British-eccentric but open-hearted enough to embrace a corking Mercedes 300 SL as well as a Stuart WW2 Tank or a Ford DKW, HOW has a bewildering array of exhibits. Admittedly, it’s not the standard PCGB fare – although Ferdinand Porsche himself was partial to a bit of militaria and would happily park his Tiger on your lawn for perusal and appreciation.

So, in the same vein of openness and amusement, pop along to the HOW and wallow in how the British celebrate the internal combustion engine in all its glorious forms. Bring a partner and should he/she get bored there’s all sorts of car-related memorabilia to tempt you into a chorus of Dad’s Army’s theme tune or a conga around the rest of the exhibits. If all else fails they can take umbrage in Eton’s very own air raid shelter. Yep: it’s enough to bring out the Captain Mainwaring in all of us. 

You can’t argue with £7 for entry either (£6 if you’re over 60, just a fiver for 5-16 year olds and a classic nuclear family won’t need to detonate more than a 20-quid note). 40 slots up for grabs. Don’t hesitate: it’ll be a ball.  Book below for a 9.45am meet, 10am hours beach-landing.  

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