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2 July 2022

Rindt Design visitMember event

According to Rindt Design’s website you’ll be in for a swift bout of ‘ebenmaßigkeitsentzuckung’ if you buy or commission a car from them. 
Whether this is treatable by the NHS or simply requires a lie-down in a dark room remains open to question. However, on 2 July your chance will come to find out. Join R19 for our second Tour of Duty to Scarlett’s Farm, Rindt’s redoubt and nerve-centre.
Nestled in the dingly folds of Hare Hatch (Twyford) you’ll find an idyllic site to host the good people of R19, their cars and Rindt’s charming quadrangle of barns replete with tasty morsels of Zuffenhausen machinery. Indeed, if you’ve an affinity for ‘F-series’ 911s, then you’ll surely like here. 
Arrive early at 9am to get prime parking. Coffee and commensurate comestibles will be available from a catering van, so you’ll have all the necessary requisites for a great tyre-kicking Saturday.   

Rindt Design visit

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