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3 July 2020

Thruxton Cayman Experience

Last year we had a good afternoon at the Thruxton Experience Centre (SP11 8PW). This year we are hoping to have an extended afternoon Cayman session for 16 participants in four parts with the possibility of driving our own cars on the track - full marshalling will be in place and there would be an instrructor on board..

Details for the day are:

12.30 - 1pm We would aim to meet up, register and then have lunch in the Thruxton Centre.

2.20 - 2.40pm Driver briefing.

2.45 - 4.15pm We would then be split into two groups of eight.

Three laps with an instructor driving in a Fiesta ST to learn the circuit

Group one drive four laps with instructor - come into the pits for a debrief

Group two drive four laps with instructor - come into the pits for a debrief

The process is then repeated a further three times for each group until all participants have completed a total of 16 laps

The option to drive our own cars after the Cayman session from 4.15 - 5pm is on offer but will depend on personal insurance being in place.

The cost is £270 for the Cayman part and if there's sufficient interest a further £50 for the option to drive your own car with an instructor.

If we can get sufficient participants payment will be required very soon to secure this option.

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