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Pot Luck April 2015 Gallery

Photos from our R20 'On Tour' Pot Luck event

Pot Luck April 2015

With our R20 on Tour - Pot Luck falling on 'April Fool's Day' we were tempted to have a bit of fun.  Those that opted in 'sight unseen' were in for a treat with a nighttime drive through the streets of London to see the lit up beauty of our great city.  Nothing can dampen an R20 drive, even with a chunk of the route cordoned off for a massive underground fire which had caused a square mile to be evacuated. 

We soldiered on past Big Ben, The London Eye, St Paul's, The Bank of England, over Tower Bridge, following the Embankment along the Mall towards South Kensington and our late night dining spot in Notting Hill, the Electric Diner.  We finally headed home, late and tired, but happy.  Our third Porsche Club event in four days, plus a route check.  It has been a crazy few days for us but so much fun.

Pot Luck April 2015 gallery contains 12 images and is part of the PCGB London Region region activities from April 2015

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