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25 September 2021

R20 Escape - Heading 'Out'

For late 2021 we are restarting our regular weekend drives. We promise you some great driving routes which we have always pre-driven. Starting from our region ending up somewhere with Porsche friendly parking; who knows where that will be, luckily, we usually do.

Our previous drives took us, North invading the Cotswolds, South into the Downs, West along the River Thames and East to the Seaside; not forgetting those amazing runs through our home town past London's iconic landmarks.

Our drives will be on a mix of weekend days, some Saturday, and some Sunday. This will allow us access to some different end points and perhaps an occasional Sunday at home.

Whilst we are foodies and our drives are known for group dining, for obvious reasons we won't be adding on a group meal. However, we will take you to an endpoint that is known for great food, so you can make a booking in advance if you wish.

Booking for opened up for this and our other 2021 drives via our regular newsletter; all are now full. However, we will let everyone know the 2022 schedule before the end of the year.

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